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Twenty-six years had passed since Robinson came to the island, and he still went on digging and sowing.  One morning he sent Friday down to the beach for a turtle.  Back he came in a great hurry, crying out, “Master!  Master! over yonder, one, two, three canoe.”  Loading his guns, Robinson gave them to Friday to carry, while he armed himself with muskets, a cutlass, and a hatchet.

When all was ready he went up the hill with his telescope, and saw that there were in all twenty-one savages, with three prisoners, one of whom was a white man.

Robinson knew the savages had landed on the island to kill and eat their prisoners, so he resolved to prevent them if possible.  To get at the savages without being seen, they had to go nearly a mile out of their way, and being heavily laden they could not go very fast.  Reaching the place, they saw, from behind a clump of bushes, the white man bound hand and foot on the sand.  There was no time to lose, and their first shot killed three and wounded five of the savages.  Snatching up fresh guns, both fired again, before the savages who were not hurt could get on their feet, for they were so taken by surprise, that the poor wretches hardly knew what was happening.  This time only two dropped, but many more were wounded.

While Friday kept on firing, Robinson ran to the white prisoner and cut his bonds.  The man said he was a Spaniard and began to thank Robinson for what he had done.  Robinson handed him the cutlass and a pistol, telling him, if he had any strength left, to go and do what he could against the savages.  As soon as the man got the weapons in his hands, he ran with fury at the cannibals and cut two down, and with equal fury attacked the rest.  With the Spaniard to help them, Robinson and Friday were soon able to clear the place of these dreadful cannibals, many of whom jumped into the sea.

Friday advised Robinson to take a canoe and go after them lest they return with hundreds of others to avenge the death of their friends.  So the two ran to the beach and began to shove off a canoe.  But to their surprise, on the bottom of the canoe lay another prisoner, an old man, tied so hard, neck and heels, that even when his bonds were cut he could not move.

No sooner did Friday look at him and hear him speak, than he began to dance and shout and laugh, and then kneeling down, rubbed noses with the savage (which is what these folks do instead of kissing each other), and he was so excited that for some time he could not explain what was the matter.  As soon as he could speak, he told Robinson that the man whom they had found was his father.

Both Friday’s father and the Spaniard, who was worn out with fighting, had to be carried up to the castle.

No cannibals were ever again known to visit this island.



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