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“Maybe he ain’t.  You’ve only guessed that.”

“Guess nothing.  It’s a cinch.”

“What you going to do about it?”


“But if he lays for you.”

“Good enough.  Let him go to it.  I’m going through with this thing.  I’m going to show them who’s the best man.  And when I’ve beat them to a standstill I’ve got a revenge ready that will make Miss Valdes eat humble pie proper.  Yes, sir.  I’m tied to this country till this thing’s settled.”

“Then there ain’t any use saying any more about it.  You always was a willful son-of-a-gun,” testified his partner, with a grin.  “And I reckon I’ll have to stay with you to pack you home after the greasers have shot you up.”

“Don’t you ever think it, Steve,” came back the cheerful retort.  “I’ve got a hunch this is my lucky game.  I’m sitting in to win, old hoss.”

“What’s your first play, Dick?”

“I made it last week, within twenty minutes of the time I got back here.  Wired my lawyers to bring suit at once, and to push it for all it was worth.”

“You can’t settle it by the courts inside of a year, or mebbe two.”

“I ain’t aiming to settle it by the courts.  All I want is they should know I’ve got them beat to a fare-ye-well in the courts.  Their lawyers will let them know that mighty early, just as soon as they look the facts up.  There ain’t any manner of doubt about my legal claim.  I guess Miss Valdes knows that already, but I want her to know it good and sure.  Then I’ll paddle my own canoe.  The law’s only a bluff to make my hand better.  I’m calling for that extra card for the looks of it, but my hand is full up without it”

“What’s in your hand, anyhow, outside of your legal right?  Looks to me they hold them all from ace down.”

Dick laughed.

“You wait and see,” he said.



Because Dick had always lived a clean, outdoor life he rallied magnificently from the relapse into which his indiscretion had thrown him.  For a few days Dr. Watson was worried by reason of the danger of blood-poisoning, but the splendid vitality of his patient quickly swept him out of danger.  Soon he was hobbling round with a cane, and shortly after was able to take long rides over the country with his friend.

On one of these occasions, while they were climbing a hill trail, Davis broke a long silence to say aloud to himself:  “There’s just one way to account for it.”

“Then it can’t be a woman you’re thinking of,” Dick laughed; “for as far as I can make out there’s always several ways to account for them, and the one you guess usually ain’t right.”

“You’ve said it, son.  It’s a woman.  I been doing some inquiring about this Miss Valdes, and from all telling she’s the prettiest ever.”

“I could have told you that.  It ain’t a secret.”

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