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“Violin Mastery?  To me it means the ability to make the violin a perfectly controlled instrument guided by the skill and intelligence of the artist, to compel it to respond in movement to his every wish.  The artist must always be superior to his instrument, it must be his servant, one that he can do with what he will.


“It appears to me that mastery of the technic of the violin is not so much of a mechanical accomplishment as it is of mental nature.  It may be that scientists can tell us how through persistency the brain succeeds in making the fingers and the arms produce results through the infinite variety of inexplicable vibrations.  The sweetness of tone, its melodiousness, its legatos, octaves, trills and harmonics all bear the mark of the individual who uses his strings like his vocal chords.  When an artist is working over his harmonics, he must not be impatient and force purity, pitch, or the right intonation.  He must coax the tone, try it again and again, seek for improvements in his fingering as well as in his bowing at the same time, and sometimes he may be surprised how, quite suddenly, at the time when he least expects it, the result has come.  More than one road leads to Rome!  The fact is that when you get it, you have it, that’s all!  I am perfectly willing to disclose to the musical profession all the secrets of the mastery of violin technic; but are there any secrets in the sense that some of the uninitiated take them?  If an artist happens to excel in some particular, he is at once suspected of knowing some secret means of so doing.  However, that may not be the case.  He does it just because it is in him, and as a rule he accomplishes this through his mental faculties more than through his mechanical abilities.  I do not intend to minimize the value of great teachers who prove to be important factors in the life of a musician; but think of the vast army of pupils that a master teacher brings forth, and listen to the infinite variety of their spiccatos, octaves, legatos, and trills!  For the successful mastery of violin technic let each artist study carefully his own individuality, let him concentrate his mental energy on the quality of pitch he intends to produce, and sooner or later he will find his way of expressing himself.  Music is not only in the fingers or in the elbow.  It is in that mysterious EGO of the man, it is his soul; and his body is like his violin, nothing but a tool.  Of course, the great master must have the tools that suit him best, and it is the happy combination that makes for success.

“By the vibrations and modulations of the notes one may recognize the violinist as easily as we recognize the singer by his voice.  Who can explain how the artist harmonizes the trilling of his fingers with the emotions of his soul?

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