The War Chief of the Ottawas : A chronicle of the Pontiac war eBook

Thomas Guthrie Marquis
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The following works will be found of great assistance to the student:  Rogers’s Journals; Cass’s Discourse before the Michigan Historical Society; Henry’s Travels and Adventures in Canada and the Indian Territories; Parkman’s Conspiracy of Pontiac (the fullest and best treatment of the subject); Ellis’s Life of Pontiac, the Conspirator (a digest of Parkman’s work); Historical Account of the Expedition against the Ohio Indians, 1764 (authorship doubtful, but probably written by Dr William Smith of Philadelphia); Stone’s The Life and Times of Sir William Johnson; Drake’s Indians of North America; Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico and Handbook of Indians of Canada; Ogg’s The Opening of the Mississippi; Roosevelt’s The Winning of the West; Carter’s The Illinois Country; Beer’s British Colonial Policy, 1754-1765; Adair’s The History of the American Indians; the Annual Register for the years 1763, 1764, and 1774; Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History; Pownall’s The Administration of the Colonies; Bancroft’s History of the United States; Kingsford’s History of Canada; Winsor’s Narrative and Critical History of America and his Mississippi Basin; Gordon’s History of Pennsylvania; Lucas’s A History of Canada, 1763-1812; Gayarre’s History of Louisiana; and McMaster’s History of the People of the United States.

In 1766 there was published in London a somewhat remarkable drama entitled Ponteach:  or the Savages of America.  A part of this will be found in the appendices to Parkman’s Conspiracy of Pontiac.  Parkman suggests that Robert Rogers may have had a hand in the composition of this drama.


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