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In Three Books

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Chap.  I.  Of Principles and Elements in general.

Chap.  II.  Of the Four (vulgarly reputed) Elements; Fire, Air, Water; Earth.

Chap.  III.  Of the Celestial Influences, and particularly of the Sun, Moon, and of the Climates.

Chap.  IV.  Of the Four Annual Seasons.

Chap.  V.  Of the Natural Mould and Soil of a Garden.

Chap.  VI.  Of Composts, and Stercoration, Repastination, Dressing and Stirring the Earth and Mould of a Garden.


Chap.  I.  A Garden Derived and Defin’d; its Dignity, Distinction, and Sorts.

Chap.  II.  Of a Gardiner, how to be qualify ’d, regarded and rewarded; his Habitation, Cloathing, Diet, Under-Workmen and Assistants.

Chap.  III.  Of the Instruments belonging to a Gardiner; their various Uses, and Machanical Powers.

Chap.  IV.  Of the Terms us’d, and affected by Gardiners.

Chap.  V.  Of Enclosing, Fencing, Plotting, and disposing of the Ground; and of Terraces, Walks, Allies, Malls, Bowling-Greens, &c.

Chap.  VI.  Of a Seminary, Nurseries; and of Propagating Trees, Plants and Flowers, Planting and Transplanting, &c.

Chap.  VII.  Of Knots, Parterres, Compartiments, Borders, Banks and Embossments.

Chap.  VIII.  Of Groves, Labyrinths, Dedals, Cabinets, Cradles, Close-Walks, Galleries, Pavilions, Portico’s, Lanterns, and other Relievo’s; of Topiary and Hortulan Architecture.

Chap.  IX.  Of Fountains, Jetto’s, Cascades, Rivulets, Piscinas, Canals, Baths, and other Natural, and Artificial Water-works.

Chap.  X.  Of Rocks, Grotts, Cryptae, Mounts, Precipices, Ventiducts, Conservatories, of Ice and Snow, and other Hortulan Refreshments.

Chap.  XI.  Of Statues, Busts, Obelisks, Columns, Inscriptions, Dials, Vasa’s, Perspectives, Paintings, and other Ornaments.

Chap.  XII.  Of Gazon-Theatres, Amphitheatres, Artificial Echo’s, Automata and Hydraulic Musck.

Chap.  XIII.  Of Aviaries, Apiaries, Vivaries, Insects, &c.

Chap.  XIV.  Of Verdures, Perennial Greens, and Perpetual Springs.

Chap.  XV.  Of Orangeries, Oporotheca’s, Hybernacula, Stoves, and Conservatories of Tender Plants and Fruits, and how to order them.

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