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Thoughts all his Life long, with a most Innocent, Agreeable, and Useful Employment.  But you may justly wonder, and Condemn the Vanity of it too, with that Reproach, This Man began to build, but was not able to finish! This has been the Fate of that Undertaking; and I dare promise, will be of whosoever imagines (without the Circumstances of extraordinary Assistance, and no ordinary Expence) to pursue the Plan, erect, and finish the Fabrick as it ought to be.

But this is that which Abortives the Perfection of the most Glorious and Useful Undertakings; the Unsatiable Coveting to Exhaust all that should, or can be said upon every Head:  If such a one have any thing else to mind, or do in the World, let me tell him, he thinks of Building too late; and rarely find we any, who care to superstruct upon the Foundation of another, and whose Ideas are alike.  There ought therefore to be as many Hands, and Subsidiaries to such a Design (and those Matters too) as there are distinct Parts of the Whole (according to the subsequent Table) that those who have the Means and Courage, may (tho’ they do not undertake the Whole) finish a Part at least, and in time Unite their Labours into one Intire, Compleat, and Consummate Work indeed.

Of One or Two of these, I attempted only a Specimen in my SILVA and the KALENDAR; Imperfect, I say, because they are both capable of Great Improvements:  It is not therefore to be expected (Let me use the Words of an Old, and Experienced Gardiner) Cuncta me dicturum, quae vastitas ejus scientiae contineret, sed plurima; nam illud in unius hominis prudentiam cadere non poterit, neque est ulla Disciplina aut Ars, quae singulari consummata sit ingenio.

May it then suffice aliquam partem tradidisse, and that I have done my Endeavour.

   ...  Jurtilis olim
   Ne Videar vixisse.

Much more might I add upon this Charming, and Fruitful Subject (I mean, concerning Gardening:) But this is not a Place to Expatiate, deterr’d, as I have long since been, from so bold an Enterprize, as the Fabrick I mentioned.  I content my self then with an Humble Cottage, and a Simple Potagere, Appendant to the Calendar; which, Treating only (and that briefly) of the Culture of Moderate Gardens; Nothing seems to me, shou’d be more Welcome and Agreeable, than whilst the Product of them is come into more Request and Use amongst us, than heretofore (beside what we call, and distinguish by the Name of Fruit) I did annex some particular Directions concerning S A L L E T S.

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Describing, and Shewing the Amplitude, and Extent of that Part of Georgicks, which belongs to Horticulture.

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