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Your Herbs being handsomely parcell’d, and spread on a clean Napkin before you, are to be mingl’d together in one of the Earthen glaz’d Dishes:  Then, for the Oxoleon; Take of clear, and perfectly good Oyl-Olive, three Parts; of sharpest Vinegar ([67]sweetest of all Condiments) Limon, or Juice of Orange, one Part; and therein let steep some Slices of Horse-Radish, with a little Salt; Some in a separate Vinegar, gently bruise a Pod of Guinny-Pepper, straining both the Vinegars apart, to make Use of Either, or One alone, or of both, as they best like; then add as much Tewkesbury, or other dry Mustard grated, as will lie upon an Half-Crown Piece:  Beat, and mingle all these very well together; but pour not on the Oyl and Vinegar, ’till immediately before the Sallet is ready to be eaten:  And then with the Yolk of two new-laid Eggs (boyl’d and prepar’d, as before is taught) squash, and bruise them all into mash with a Spoon; and lastly, pour it all upon the Herbs, stirring, and mingling them ’till they are well and throughly imbib’d; not forgetting the Sprinklings of Aromaticks, and such Flowers, as we have already mentioned, if you think fit, and garnishing the Dish with the thin Slices of Horse-Radish, Red Beet, Berberries, &c.

Note, That the Liquids may be made more, or less Acid, as is most agreeable to your Taste.

These Rules, and Prescriptions duly Observ’d; you have a Sallet (for a Table of Six or Eight Persons) Dress’d, and Accommodated secundum Artem:  For, as the [68]Proverb has it,

  [Greek:  ’Ou oantos andros esin artusai kalos.]
  Non est cujusvis recte condire.

And now after all we have advanc’d in favour of the Herbaceous Diet, there still emerges a third Inquiry; namely, Whether the Use of Crude Herbs and Plants are so wholesom as is pretended?

What Opinion the Prince of Physicians had of them, we shall see hereafter; as also what the Sacred Records of elder Times seem to infer, before there were any Flesh-Shambles in the World; together with the Reports of such as are often conversant among many Nations and People, who to this Day, living on Herbs and Roots, arrive to incredible Age, in constant Health and Vigour:  Which, whether attributable to the Air and Climate, Custom, Constitution, &c. should be inquir’d into; especially, when we compare the Antediluvians mention’d Gen. 1. 29—­the whole Fifth and Ninth Chapters, ver. 3. confining them to Fruit and wholesom Sallets:  I deny not that both the Air and Earth might then be less humid and clammy, and consequently Plants, and Herbs better fermented, concocted, and

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