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Chap.  XVI.  Of the Coronary Garden:  Flowers and Rare Plants, how they are to be Raised, Governed and Improved; and how the Gardiner is to keep his Register.

Chap.  XVII.  Of the Philosophical Medical Garden.

Chap.  XVIII.  Of Stupendous and Wonderful Plants.

Chap.  XIX.  Of the Hort-Yard and Potagere; and what Fruit-Trees, Olitory and Esculent Plants, may be admitted into a Garden of Pleasure.

Chap.  XX.  Of Sallets.

Chap.  XXI.  Of a Vineyard, and Directions concerning the making of Wine and other Vinous Liquors, and of Teas.

Chap.  XXII.  Of Watering, Pruning, Plashing, Pallisading, Nailing, Clipping, Mowing, Rowlling, Weeding, Cleansing, &c.

Chap.  XXIII.  Of the Enemies and Infirmities to which Gardens are obnoxious, together with Remedies.

Chap.  XXIV.  Of the Gardiner’s Almanack or Kalendarium Hortense, directing what he is to do Monthly, and what Fruits and Flowers are in prime.


Chap.  I.  Of Conserving, Properating, Retarding, Multiplying, Transmuting, and Altering the

Species, Forms, and (reputed) Substantial Qualities of Plants, Fruits and Flowers.

Chap.  II.  Of the Hortulan Elaboratory; and of distilling and extracting of Waters, Spirits, Essences, Salts, Colours, Resuscitation of Plants, with other rare Experiments, and an Account of their Virtues.

Chap.  III.  Of Composing the Hortus Hyemalis, and making Books, of Natural, Arid Plants and Flowers, with several Ways of Preserving them in their Beauty.

Chap.  IV.  Of Painting of Flowers, Flowers enamell’d, Silk, Callico’s, Paper, Wax, Guns, Pasts, Horns, Glass, Shells, Feathers, Moss, Pietra Comessa, Inlayings, Embroyderies, Carvings, and other Artificial Representations of them.

Chap.  V.  Of Crowns, Chaplets, Garlands, Festoons, Encarpa, Flower-Pots, Nosegays, Poeses, Deckings, and other Flowery Pomps.

Chap.  VI.  Of Hortulan Laws and Privileges.

Chap.  VII.  Of the Hortulan Study, and of a Library, Authors and Books assistant to it.

Chap.  VIII.  Of Hortulan Entertainments, Natural, Divine, Moral, and Political; with divers Historical Passages, and Solemnities, to shew the Riches, Beauty, Wonder, Plenty, Delight, and Universal Use of Gardens.

Chap.  IX.  Of Garden Burial.

Chap.  X.  Of Paradise, and of the most Famous Gardens in the World, Ancient and Modern.

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