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George Washington

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“Mr. Hapgood may have done more brilliant or more entertaining work in other fields but we doubt if any of his previous work will take its place in permanent literature so certainly as this study of Washington.”—­Daily Eagle.
“Mr. Norman Hapgood’s ‘George Washington’ is characterized by an unusual amount of judicious quotation, and also by many pages of graphic narrative and description.  It has not been customary heretofore, in brief biographies of eminent men, to put the reader so closely in touch with the sources of history.  In this case, however, the method adopted by Mr. Hapgood has not only greatly enhanced the historical value of his work, but has at the same time added to its intrinsic interest.”—­Review of Reviews.


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Mr. Owen Wister’s sketch of

The Seven Ages of Washington

    Boards, leather back in box cover, $2.00 net; by mail, $2.11
    With nine illustrations in photogravure

     “A bright, enjoyable book, brimfull of individuality,
     containing one of the truest sketches of Washington ever
     written,”—­Record-Herald, Chicago.

“The essence of the whole book is character, and it is as a study of character that it possesses unique value....  It would be a good thing for high school and college students if this study of Washington were made a required text-book in the course of American history.  Certainly the young Americans of our day would get from it a far more correct idea of Washington’s life, character and influence than from any of the standard biographies or histories.”—­San Francisco Chronicle.

     “The value of the book consists largely in its placing of
     Washington in the right perspective.  Mr. Wister’s portrait
     of him is all of a piece.

“The background, like the portrait, is handled with perfect discretion.  The reader who is searching for an authoritative biography of Washington, brief, and made humanly interesting from the first page to the last, will find it here.”—­From a column review of the book in The New York Tribune, Nov. 23, 1907.

     “Mr. Wister has succeeded in revealing a new Washington—­a
     Washington who becomes a wholly lovable man without losing
     any of his dignity.”—­Boston Herald.

“In Mr. Wister’s hands the Father of his Country is no frozen god.  He steps out of the block of ice into which, as the author so well indicates, he was put for safekeeping after death.  The book emphasizes the man side of Washington’s character.  The hero is in the background, and the result is a warm and very convincing picture which it is good to have.”—­Philadelphia Public Ledger.

    PUBLISHERS, 64-66 Fifth Avenue, NEW YORK

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