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So saying, he rode on, and it was evident from the noise, that the men implicitly obeyed his injunctions.  Nothing, however, was found, and ere many minutes Demdike came up, and glancing at the hazels, behind which the fugitives were hidden, he discharged a petronel into the largest tree, but as no movement followed the report, he said—­

“I thought I saw something move here, but I suppose I was mistaken.  No doubt they have got on further than we expected, or have retired into some of the cloughs, in which case it will be useless to search for them.  However, we will make sure of them in this way.  Two of you shall form an ambuscade near Holme and two further on within half a mile of Burnley, and shall remain on the watch till dawn, so that you will be sure to capture them, and when taken, make away with them without hesitation.  Unless my skull had been of the strongest, that butcherly squire would have cracked it, so he shall have no grace from me; and as to that treacherous witch, Nance Redferne, she deserves death at our hands, and she shall have her deserts.  I have long suspected her, and, indeed, was a fool to trust one of the vile Chattox brood, who are all my natural enemies—­but no matter, I shall have my revenge.”

The men having promised compliance with their captain’s command, he went on—­

“As to myself,” he said, “I shall go forthwith, and as fast as my horse can carry me, to Malkin Tower, and I will tell you why.  It is not that I dislike the game we are upon, but I have better to play just now.  Tom Shaw, the cock-master at Downham, who is in my pay, rode over to Whalley this afternoon, to bring me word that a certain lady, who has long been concealed in the Manor-house, will be taken to Malkin Tower to-night.  The intelligence is certain, for he had obtained it from Old Crouch, the huntsman, who is to escort her.  Thus, Mistress Nutter, for you all know whom I mean, will fall naturally into our hands, and we can wring any sums of money we like out of her; for though she has abandoned her property to her daughter, Alizon, she can no doubt have as much as she wants, and I will take care she asks for plenty, or I will try the effect of some of those instruments of torture which I was lucky enough to find in the dungeons of Malkin Tower, and which were used for a like purpose by my predecessor, Blackburn, the freebooter.  Are you content, my lads?”

“Ay, ay, Captain Demdike,” they replied.

Upon this the whole party set forward, and were speedily out of hearing.  As soon as they thought it prudent to come forth, the squire and Nance emerged from their place of shelter.

“What is to be done?” exclaimed the former, who was almost in a state of distraction.  “The villain has announced his intention of going to Malkin Tower, and Mistress Nutter will assuredly fall into his hands.  Oh! that I could stop him, or get there before him!”

“Yo shan, if yo like to ride wi’ me,” said Nance.

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