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Should a child be urged to walk?

Never; he is usually quite willing to do so as soon as his muscles and bones are strong enough.  None of the contrivances for teaching children to walk are to be advised.

When do children begin to talk?

Generally at one year a child can say “papa” and “mamma” or other single words.  At the end of the second year the average child is able to put words together in short sentences.

If at two years the child makes no attempt to speak, what should be suspected?

Either that the child is a deaf-mute or that it is mentally deficient, although this is occasionally seen in children who are only very backward.

    Table showing the Average Weight, Height, and
     Circumference of Head and Chest of Boys

At birth        Weight             7-1/2  pounds. 
Height            20-1/2 inches. 
Chest             13-1/2   "
Head              14       "
One year        Weight            21     pounds. 
Height            29     inches. 
Chest             18       "
Head              18       "
Two years       Weight            26-1/2 pounds. 
Height            32-1/2 inches. 
Chest             19       "
Head              19       "
Three years     Weight            31     pounds. 
Height            35     inches. 
Chest             20       "
Head              19-1/2   "
Four years      Weight            35     pounds. 
Height            38     inches. 
Chest             20-3/4   "
Head              19-3/4   "
Five years      Weight            41 pounds. 
Height            41-1/2 inches. 
Chest             21-1/2   "
Head              20-1/2   "
Six years       Weight            45 pounds. 
Height            44 inches. 
Chest             23   "
Seven years     Weight            49-1/2 pounds. 
Height            46 inches. 
Chest             23-1/2 "
Eight years     Weight            54-1/2 pounds. 
Height            48 inches. 
Chest             24-1/2 "
Nine years      Weight            60 pounds. 
Height            50 inches. 
Chest         .   25   "
Ten years       Weight            66-1/2 pounds. 
Height            52 inches. 
Chest             26   "

    The above weights are with ordinary house clothes.

    [1] Weights for the first four years are without clothes.

    The weight of girls is on the average about one pound less than
    boys.  They are about the same in height.

    Charts showing weight curve for the first year, and from one year
    to fourteen years are given at the end of this book.


How many teeth are there in the first set?


What is the time of their appearance?

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