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It is no doubt better to use only fresh napkins, but there is no serious objection to using them twice unless there is chafing of the skin.  Clean napkins, changed as soon as wet or soiled, are of much importance in keeping the skin healthy.

What are the important things to be observed in washing napkins?

Soiled napkins should not be allowed to dry, but should receive a rough washing at once; they should then be kept in soak in plain water until a convenient time for washing,—­at least once every day,—­when they should be washed in hot suds and boiled at least fifteen minutes.  Afterward they should be very thoroughly rinsed or they may irritate the skin, and ironed without starch or blueing.  They should never be used when clamp.


What are the essentials in a good nursery?

The furnishings should be very simple, and unnecessary hangings and upholstered furniture should be excluded.  As large a room as possible should be selected—­one that is well ventilated, and always one in which the sun shines at some part of the day, as it should be remembered that an average child spends here at least three fourths of its time during the first year.  The nursery should have dark shades at the windows, but no extra hangings or curtains; about the baby’s crib nothing but what can be washed should be allowed.  The air should be kept as fresh and as pure as possible.  There should be no plumbing no drying of napkins or clothes, no cooking of food, and no gas burning at night.  A small wax night-light answers every purpose.

How should a nursery be heated?

Best by an open fire; next to this by a Franklin stove.  The ordinary hot-air furnace of cities has many objections, but it is not so bad as steam heat from a radiator in the room.  A gas stove is even worse than this, and should never be used, except, perhaps, for a few minutes during the morning bath.

At what temperature should a nursery be kept during the day?

Best, 66 deg. to 68 deg.  F., measured by a thermometer hanging three feet from the floor.  Never should the temperature be allowed to go above 70 deg.  F.

At what temperature during the night?

During the first two or three months, not below 65 deg.  F. After three months the temperature may go as low as 55 deg.  F. After the first year it may be 50 deg. or even 45 deg.  F.

At what age may the window be left open at night?

Usually after the third month, except when the outside temperature is below freezing point.

How often should the nursery be aired?

At least twice a day—­in the morning after the child’s bath, and again in the evening before the child is put to bed for the night.  This should be done thoroughly, and the child should be removed meanwhile to another apartment.  It is well to air the nursery whenever the child is out of the room.

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