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There is little ground for such a belief, unless an excessive amount of meat is given.  Certainly cutting off meat from the diet of nervous children seldom produces any striking benefit.

What meats should be forbidden to young children?

Ham, bacon, sausage, pork, liver, kidney, game and all dried and salted meats, also cod, mackerel and halibut; all of these are best withheld until the child has passed the tenth year.

Are not gravies beneficial and nutritious?

The beef juice, or so-called “platter gravy,” from a roast is exceedingly nutritious and desirable, but many of the thickened gravies are much less digestible and are too often given in excess; only a small quantity should be allowed.  They should not form an important part of the meal.


What vegetables may be used at this period?

White potatoes may be given first.  These should preferably be baked or boiled and mashed, but never fried.  They should be served with beef juice or with cream rather than with butter.

Of the green vegetables, the best are peas, spinach, asparagus tips, string beans, stewed celery, young beets, or carrots, and squash.  Baked sweet potato, turnips, boiled onions and cauliflower, all well cooked, may be given after the sixth or seventh year in moderate amount.

The principal trouble in the digestion of vegetables is due to imperfect cooking.  It is, in fact, almost impossible to cook them too much; they should also be very finely mashed.  They form a valuable addition to the diet after three years, although the amount at first given should be small, one or two teaspoonfuls.  They greatly aid in securing regularity of the bowels.  Because small particles are seen in the stools, it is not to be inferred that they are causing disturbance and should, therefore, be stopped, but only that they should be more thoroughly cooked and more finely divided before being given.

Is it safe to use canned vegetables for children?

Many of the best brands of canned vegetables are quite safe and some, such as peas and asparagus, can be used with advantage.  They are frequently better than stale green vegetables often sold in the markets.

What vegetables should not be given to young children?

None of those which are eaten raw, such as celery, radishes, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes or lettuce.  Certain others, even when well cooked, should not be allowed; as corn, lima beans, cabbage, egg plant.  None of these should be given until a child has passed the age of ten years.

Are vegetable salads to be given?

As a rule salads of all kinds should be omitted until a child has passed the tenth year.  Salads are difficult to digest and a cause of much disturbance in children of all ages.


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