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Not in the case of young infants; one under four or five months old will usually take it without any objection after two or three feedings; but it cannot often be used for those who are much older.

How much of the peptonizing powder should be used?

There are required for one pint of plain milk, five grains of the extractum pancreatis and fifteen grains of bicarbonate of soda.  This quantity is usually put up in a single tube or tablet.  In the formulas previously given, less than this will be required; for the weaker formulas, one half or one third of the powder mentioned will be sufficient for one pint of food.  For a single feeding of four ounces, one may use one eighth of a tube with a weak formula, or one sixth of a tube with a stronger formula.

What are the advantages of peptonized milk?

Partially peptonized milk is useful for young infants who have great difficulty in digesting the curd of milk, sometimes even when diluted as already described; completely peptonized milk, during acute attacks of indigestion.

For how long a period may the use of peptonized milk be continued?

Completely peptonized milk may be used for a few days, or at most a few weeks; partially peptonized milk may be used for two or three months, but not indefinitely; it should be left off gradually by shortening the time of peptonizing, and lessening the amount of the powder used.


How many meals are required during the second year?

It is usually better to continue five meals throughout the second year.  Some children will sleep from 6 P.M. to 6 A.M. without waking, but unless there is a feeding at 10 P.M. children are apt to wake very early in the morning.

Should each feeding be prepared at the time it is given, or all feedings at one time, as during the first year?

During the second and third years it is better to prepare the milk for the entire day at one time.  If it is to be modified by adding cream, water, etc., it is done as during the first year.

Later, when only plain milk is used, the quantities needed for the different feedings should be put into one or into two bottles, which then may be pasteurized or not as may be necessary.  In this way the different feedings are kept separate, and the day’s supply of milk is not disturbed every time the child is fed, as otherwise is unavoidable.  The food should be prepared as soon as possible after the daily milk supply is delivered in the morning.

Give a proper diet for an average healthy child of twelve months.

6.30 A.M.  Milk, six to seven ounces; diluted with barley or oat
               gruel, two to three ounces; after the thirteenth
               month, taken from a cup.

9 A.M.  Orange juice, one to two ounces.

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