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How should a mouth be cleansed when there is sprue?

It should be washed carefully after every feeding or nursing with a solution of borax or bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), one even teaspoonful to three ounces of water, and four times a day the boric-acid solution mentioned should be used.


How should the infant’s skin be cared for to prevent chafing?

First, not too much nor too strong soap should be used; secondly, careful rinsing of the body; thirdly, not too vigorous rubbing, either during or after the bath; fourthly, the use of dusting powder in all the folds of the skin,—­under the arms, behind the ears, about the neck, in the groin, etc.  This is of the utmost importance in very fat infants.

If the skin is very sensitive and chafing easily produced, what should be done?

No soap should be used, but bran or salt baths given instead.

How should a bran bath be prepared?

One pint of wheat bran should be placed in a bag of coarse muslin or cheese-cloth, and this put in the bath water.  It should then be squeezed for five minutes until the water resembles a thin porridge.

How should a salt bath be prepared?

A teacupful of common salt or sea salt should be used to each two gallons of water.

How should the buttocks be cared for?

This is the most common place for chafing, as the parts are so frequently wet and soiled; hence the utmost pains should be taken that all napkins be removed as soon as they are wet or soiled, and the parts kept scrupulously clean.

If the parts have become chafed, what should be done?

Only bran and salt baths should be used, and in very severe cases even these may have to be omitted for a day or two.  The parts may be cleansed with sweet oil and a little absorbent cotton, and the skin kept covered with a dusting powder composed of starch two parts, boric acid one part.

What is prickly heat, and how is it produced?

It consists of fine red pimples, and is caused by excessive perspiration and the irritation of flannel underclothing.

How should it be treated?

Muslin or linen should be put next to the skin; the entire body should be sponged frequently with equal parts of vinegar and water, and plenty of the starch and boric-acid powder mentioned should be used.


What are the most essential things in the clothing of infants?

That the chest shall be covered with soft flannel, the limbs well protected but not confined, and the abdomen supported by a broad flannel band, which should be snug but not too tight.  It is important that the clothing should fit the body.  If it is too tight it interferes with the free movements of the chest in breathing, and by pressing upon the stomach sometimes causes the infant to vomit soon after swallowing its food.  If the clothing is too loose it is soon thrown into deep folds or bunches, which cause much discomfort.  No pins should be used, but, instead all bands about the body should be basted.  The petticoats should be supported by shoulder straps.

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