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Of what use are the salts?

Particularly for the growth of bone.

Of what use is the water?

By means of the water the food is kept in a state of minute subdivision or in solution, so that the delicate organs of a young infant can digest it.  It is also necessary to enable the body to get rid of its waste.


Should all mothers attempt to nurse their children?

As a rule they should do so, but there are many conditions when they should not.

What are the most important ones?

If the mother has or has had tuberculosis or any other serious chronic disease, or is herself in very delicate health, she should not try.  She is likely soon to fail in nourishing her child, and the attempt may do herself much harm as well as injure the child.

How often should infants be nursed during the first two days of life?

Usually only four or five times daily, since there is very little milk secreted at this time.

When does the milk come in abundance?

Usually on the third day, sometimes not until the fourth or fifth day.

Should the infant be fed anything additional during the first two days?

Usually not; if much food were necessary, we may be sure Nature would have provided it.  Water, however, should be given regularly.

How frequently should an infant be nursed during the first week?

After the third day, every two hours during the day and twice during the night.  The frequency during the rest of the first year is given in the following table: 

----------- PERIOD.  Nursings in Interval Night nursings 24 hours. by day. (10 P.M. to 6 A.M.). ------------------------------------------------------------
------ 1st and 2d day 4 6 hours. 1 3 days to 6 weeks 10 2 " 2 6 weeks to 3 months 8 2-1/2 " 2 3 to 5 months 7 3 " 1 5 to 12 months 6 3 " 0 ------------------------------------------------------------

How long should the child be kept at the breast for one nursing?

Not over twenty minutes.

Should the child take both breasts at one nursing?

If the milk is very abundant one breast may be sufficient, otherwise both breasts may be taken.

What are the important things to be attended to in nursing?

First, regularity; it is just as important as in the case of bottle-feeding.  Secondly, the nipples should be kept clean by being washed after every nursing.

What should be the diet of a nursing mother?

She should have a simple but generous diet with plenty of fluids; three regular meals may be given and gruel, milk, or cocoa at bed-time and sometimes between meals.  She may take eggs, cereals, most soups, and nearly all vegetables, avoiding sour fruits, salads, pastry, and most desserts.  Meat should not be taken more than twice daily, and in many cases but once.  She should take but little tea or coffee, and ordinarily no wine or beer.

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