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simply a pensioner of the British Government.  His successors occupied the same position.’  Page 452, line 17.  ‘Southern’ is in original edition, but ‘Western’ would be more accurate.  Page 453, line 18.  For ‘its’ read ‘his own’.  Page 459.  ’The story of the murder of Fraser is told very differently in Bosworth-Smith’s Life of Lord Lawrence, where all the detective credit is given to Lord L., apparently on his own authority.  See also an article in the Quarterly Review for April 1883, by Sir H. Yule, and another in Blackwoods Magazine for January 1878.’  Page 555, note, line 1.  For ‘Supreme’ read Superior’.  Page 581, note, line 18.  For ‘James Watts’, read ‘William Watts’.  Page 584, note 2.  For ‘vexare’ read ‘vexari’.  Page 595, note 2.  ’The best account of Begum Sumroo is to be found in A Tour through the Upper Provinces of Hindustan, 1804-14, by A. D. = Ann Deane (1823).  Walter Scott introduces more than one of the stories about the Begum into The Surgeon’s Daughter (1827), e.g.:  “But not to be interred alive under your seat, like the Circassian of whom you were jealous,” said Middlemas, shuddering’ (vol. 48, Black’s ed. of the novels, p. 382).  Page 596, note 4.  Probably ‘Gorgin’ is a corruption of ‘Gregory’.  Page 615, note l.  Perhaps the author was mistaken, and the letter was sent by Lady Bentinck, whose name was Mary.


[Transcriber’s note.  Many of the spellings in this index differ from the spelling used in the text and notes, especially in the use of the diacritical mark.]

Abu-Alisena, or Avicenna, 339, 524. 
Abu Bakr, Khalif, 199. 
Abul Fazl, 111 n., 355 n.; on music, 562 n. 
Abul Hasan = Amir Khusru, poet, 508 n.
Acacia suma, worshipped, 174 n. 
Adam’s Bridge, 692 n. 
Adham Khan, tomb of, 503 n.
Adi Granth, Sikh scripture, 477 n. 
Adilabad, in Old Delhi, 487 n. 
Adoption, 211 n. 
Adultery, 198-201. 
Afghan War, first, 291 n., 417; history, 288-91. 
Ages, Hindu, 522 n. 
Agra, Christians at.  II, 335; buildings at, 312-24; date of fort at,
357 n.; books about, 358 n. 
Ahmadnagar, kingdom, 458 n. 
Ahmad Shah, Durrani, 289. 
Ajmer, 350. 
Ajodhya, kingdom, 374; city, 457 n., 641. 
Akbar (I), the Great, taxed marriages, 40 n.; had Abul Fazl as
minister, 111 n.; officials of, 283 n.; tomb and bones of, 323, 325,
354 n.; character of, 356 n.; Maryam-uz-Zamani, queen of, 348 n.;
sons of, 350; conquests of, 458; punished Thugs, 652. (II), titular
emperor, 309 n., 337, 501 n., 509 n., 525 n. 
Al dye, 228 n. 
Ala-ud-din Muhammad Shah, 489, 490 n., 497 n., 503. 
Aligarh District, 435 n., 441 n.; battle of, 566 n. 
Altamsh, see Iltutmish.  Sultan. 
Amanat Khan, calligraphist, 316 n., 516. 
Amarkantak, 14. 
America, war with, 628. 
Amir Ali, Thug, 653. 
Amir Jumla, 513 n., 360 n. 

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