Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official eBook

William Henry Sleeman
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Chapter 64
Murder of Mr. Fraser, and Execution of the Nawab Shams-ud-din

CHAPTER 65 Marriage of a Jat Chief

Chapter 66
Collegiate Endowment of Muhammadan Tombs and Mosques

Chapter 67
The Old City of Delhi

Chapter 68
New Delhi, or Shahjahanabad

Chapter 69
Indian Police—­Its Defects—­and their Cause and Remedy

Chapter 70
Rent-free Tenures—­Right of Government to Resume such Grants

Chapter 71
The Station of Meerut—­’Atalis’ who Dance and Sing gratuitously for
the Benefit of the Poor

Chapter 72
Subdivisions of Lands—­Want of Gradations of Rank—­Taxes

Chapter 73
Meerut-Anglo-Indian Society

Chapter 74
Pilgrims of India

Chapter 75
The Begam Sumroo

Chapter 76
on the spirit of military discipline in the native army of India
Abolition of Corporal Punishment—­Increase of Pay with Length of
Service—­Promotion by Seniority

Chapter 77
Invalid Establishment

Thuggee and the part taken in its Suppression by General Sir W. H.
Sleeman, K.C.B., by Captain J. L. Sleeman
Supplementary Note by the Editor
Additions and Corrections



1.  A blunder for ‘Sweepers’ and ‘Washermen’

2.  Chapters 37 to 46, inclusive, are not reprinted in this edition.

3.  A mistake.  See post, Chapter 52, note 1.


The Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official, always a costly book, has been scarce and difficult to procure for many years past.  Among the crowd of books descriptive of Indian scenery, manners, and customs, the sterling merits of Sir William Sleeman’s work have secured it pre-eminence, and kept it in constant demand, notwithstanding the lapse of nearly fifty years since its publication.  The high reputation of this work does not rest upon its strictly literary qualities.  The author was a busy man, immersed all his life in the practical affairs of administration, and too full of his subject to be careful of strict correctness of style or minute accuracy of expression.  Yet, so great is the intrinsic value of his observations, and so attractive are the sincerity and sympathy with which he discusses a vast range of topics, that the reader refuses to be offended by slight formal defects in expression or arrangement, and willingly yields to the charm of the author’s genial and unstudied conversation.

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