Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official eBook

William Henry Sleeman
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Chapter 35
Gwalior Plain once the Bed of a Lake—­Tameness of Peacocks

Chapter 36
Gwalior and its Government

Chapter 37 [2]
Contest for Empire between the Sons of Shah Jahan

Chapter 38 [2]
Aurangzeb and Murad Defeat their Father’s Army near Ujain

Chapter 39 [2]
Dara Marches in Person against his Brothers, and is Defeated

Chapter 40 [2]
Dara Retreats towards Lahore—­Is robbed by the Jats—­Their Character

Chapter 41 [2]
Shah Jahan Imprisoned by his Two Sons, Aurangzeb and Murad

Chapter 42 [2]
Aurangzeb Throws off the Mask, Imprisons his Brother Murad, and
Assumes the Government of the Empire

Chapter 43 [2] Aurangzeb Meets Shuja in Bengal, and Defeats him, after Pursuing Dara to the Hyphasis

Chapter 44 [2]
Aurangzeb Imprisons his Eldest Son—­Shuja and all his Family are

Chapter 45 [2]
Second Defeat and Death of Dara, and Imprisonment of his Two Sons

Chapter 46 [2]
Death and Character of Amir Jumla

Chapter 47
Reflections on the Preceding History

Chapter 48
The Great Diamond of Kohinur

Chapter 49
Pindhari System—­Character of the Maratha Administration—­Cause of
their Dislike to the Paramount Power

Chapter 50
Dholpur, Capital of the Jat Chiefs of Gohad—­Consequence of Obstacles
to the Prosecution of Robbers

Chapter 51
Influence of Electricity on Vegetation—­Agra and its Buildings

Chapter 52
Nur Jahan, the Aunt of the Empress Nur Mahal,[3] over whose Remains
the Taj is built

Chapter 53
Father Gregory’s Notion of the Impediments to Conversion in India—­
Inability of Europeans to speak Eastern Languages

Chapter 54
Fathpur-Sikri—­The Emperor Akbar’s Pilgrimage—­Birth of Jahangir

Chapter 55
Bharatpur—­Dig—­Want of Employment for the Military and the Educated
Classes under the Company’s Rule

Chapter 56
Govardhan, the Scene of Kriahna’s Dalliance with the Milkmaids

Chapter 57

Chapter 58
Declining Fertility of the Soil—­Popular Notion of the Cause

Chapter 59
Concentration of Capital and its Effects

Chapter 60
Transit Duties in India—­Mode of Collecting them

Chapter 61
Peasantry of India attached to no existing Government—­Want of Trees
in Upper India—­Cause and Consequence—­Wells and Groves

Chapter 62
Public Spirit of the Hindoos—­Tree Cultivation and Suggestions for
extending it

Chapter 63
Cities and Towns, formed by Public Establishments, disappear as
Sovereigns and Governors change their Abodes

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