Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official eBook

William Henry Sleeman
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Chapter 1
Annual Fairs held on the Banks of Sacred Streams in India

Chapter 2
Hindoo System of Religion

Chapter 3
Legend of the Nerbudda River

Chapter 4
A Suttee on the Nerbudda

Chapter 5
Marriages of Trees—­The Tank and the Plantain—­Meteors—­Rainbows

Chapter 6
Hindoo Marriages

Chapter 7
The Purveyance System

Chapter 8
Religious Sects—­Self-government of the Castes—­Chimneysweepers—­
Washerwomen [1]—­Elephant Drivers

Chapter 9
The Great Iconoclast—­Troops routed by Hornets—­The Rani of
Garha—­Hornets’ Nests in India

Chapter 10
The Peasantry and the Land Settlement

Chapter 11

Chapter 12
The Silver Tree, or ’Kalpa Briksha’—­The ‘Singhara’, or Trapa
, and the Guinea-Worm

Chapter 13
Thugs and Poisoners

Chapter 14
Basaltic Cappings of the Sandstone Hills of Central India—­Suspension
Bridge—­Prospects of the Nerbudda Valley—­Deification of a Mortal

Chapter 15
Legend of the Sagar Lake—­Paralysis from eating the Grain of the
Lathyrus sativus

Chapter 16
Suttee Tombs—­Insalubrity of deserted Fortresses

Chapter 17
Basaltic Cappings—­Interview with a Native Chief—­A Singular

Chapter 18
Birds’ Nests—­Sports of Boyhood

Chapter 19
Feeding Pilgrims—­Marriage of a Stone with a Shrub

Chapter 20
The Men-Tigers

Chapter 21
Burning of Deori by a Freebooter—­A Suttee

Chapter 22
Interview with the Raja who marries the Stone to the Shrub—­Order of
the Moon and the Fish

Chapter 23
The Raja of Orchha—­Murder of his many Ministers

Chapter 24
Corn Dealers—­Scarcities—­Famines in India

Chapter 25
Epidemic Diseases—­Scape-goat

Chapter 26
Artificial Lakes in Bundelkhand-Hindoo, Greek, and Roman Faith

Chapter 27

Chapter 28
Pestle-and-Mortar Sugar-Mills—­Washing away of the Soil

Chapter 29
Interview with the Chiefs of Jhansi—­Disputed Succession

Chapter 30
Haunted Villages

Chapter 31
Interview with the Raja of Datiya—­Fiscal Errors of Statesmen—­
Thieves and Robbers by Profession

Chapter 32
Sporting at Datiya—­Fidelity of Followers to their Chiefs in India—­
Law of Primogeniture wanting among Muhammadans

Chapter 33

Chapter 34
The Suicide-Relations between Parents and Children in India

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