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“There must have been serious damage done to the watertight bulkheads?”

“There certainly was, without doubt.”

“Were the passengers supplied with lifebelts?”


“Were any special orders given that morning that lifebelts be put on?”


“Was any warning given before you were torpedoed?”

“None whatever.  It was suddenly done and finished.”

“If there had been a patrol boat about might it have been of assistance?”

“It might, but it is one of those things one never knows.”

With regard to the threats against his ship Captain Turner said he saw nothing except what appeared in the New York papers the day before the Lusitania sailed.  He had never heard the passengers talking about the threats, he said.

“Was a warning given to the lower decks after the ship had been struck?” Captain Turner was asked.

“All the passengers must have heard the explosion,” Captain Turner replied.

Captain Turner, in answer to another question, said he received no report from the lookout before the torpedo struck the Lusitania.

Ship’s Bugler Livermore testified that the watertight compartments were closed, but that the explosion and the force of the water must have burst them open.  He said that all the officers were at their posts and that earlier arrivals of the rescue craft would not have saved the situation.

After physicians had testified that the victims had met death through prolonged immersion and exhaustion the Coroner summed up the case.

He said that the first torpedo fired by the German submarine did serious damage to the Lusitania, but that, not satisfied with this, the Germans had discharged another torpedo.  The second torpedo, he said, must have been more deadly, because it went right through the ship, hastening the work of destruction.

[Illustration:  “Lusitania’s” First Cabin List

May 22, 1915.

List of



R.M.S.  “Lusitania”


* W.T.  Turner, R.N.R.


@ J.C.  Anderson

@ Chief engineer—­A.  Bryce

@ Surgeon—­J.F.  McDERMOTT

@ ASST Surgeon—­J.  Garry

@ Chief officer—­J.T.  Piper

@ Purser—­J.A.  McCUBBIN

* 2Nd Purser—­P.  Draper

* Chief steward—­J.V.  Jones

From New York to Liverpool, May 1st 1915.

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