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The supposition is that our forces in that region, who are forcing their way across the peninsula, must be near the completion of their task.

From what I have said it will be gathered, I think, that very substantial progress has been made since operations began three weeks ago.  As one looks at the mountainous and rugged nature of the country beyond the strait it is evident that the enemy has there favorable ground for defensive fighting.  That region now appears to be the main point of his struggle.

I learn that the Turkish losses amount to over 80,000 and that 50,000 wounded have been sent to Constantinople.

“War Babies”

[From The Suffragette of London, edited by Christabel Pankhurst, in its issue of May 7, 1915.]

     “The children who are coming into the world must be welcomed
     and must be provided with greater, not smaller, advantages,
     because they are legally fatherless.

     “Why should not these children be brought up under model
     conditions, so that they may be the equal in knowledge and
     general cultivation of any in the land?

“Every one of them must become a valuable asset to the nation.  But that can only be if they are reared in a generous way.  They are everybody’s children, and have a claim on the community as a whole.  The problem of the illegitimate child has been shirked since the beginning of time.  Now it has to be faced!”

     _—­From The Suffragette of April 23._

The Women’s Social and Political Union, in order to help in solving this problem, has in view the adoption of a number of “war babies,” who will be reared under model conditions, and provided with a good general education followed by a training adapted to the natural ability and special gifts of each individual child.

The children will be brought up together in a home in which they will receive that loving care which is necessary for their happiness and full development.

Fuller details of the scheme will be given at a meeting to be addressed by Mrs. Pankhurst on Thursday afternoon, June 3, at the London Palladium.  In the meantime those wishing to give their financial or other support are asked to write to Mrs. Pankhurst at Lincoln’s Inn House, Kingsway, London, W.C.


[American Cartoon]

[Illustration:  Another Scrap of Paper

_—­From The Post, Boston._]

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[Illustration:  The Challenge

_—­From The Evening Sun, New York._

UNCLE SAM:  “You’ll have to start it, William!”]

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The Flight of the Eagle

[_—­From The World, New York._

Personally Conducted.]

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[Illustration:  All Flags Look Alike to Him

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