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I have pleasure in reporting that the officers and men under my orders carried out their duties with admirable efficiency and coolness, and great credit is due to the engineer officers of all the ships, several of which exceeded their normal full speed.

The names of the following are specially mentioned: 


Commander Richard Herbert Denny Townsend, H.M.S.  Invincible.

Commander Arthur Edward Frederick Bedford, H.M.S.  Kent.

Lieut.  Commander Wilfred Arthur Thompson, H.M.S.  Glasgow.

Lieut.  Commander Hubert Edward Danreuther, First and Gunnery Lieutenant,
H.M.S.  Invincible.

Engineer Commander George Edward Andrew, H.M.S.  Kent.

Engineer Commander Edward John Weeks, H.M.S.  Invincible.

Paymaster Cyril Sheldon Johnson, H.M.S.  Invincible.

Carpenter Thomas Andrew Walls, H.M.S.  Invincible.

Carpenter William Henry Venning, H.M.S.  Kent.

Carpenter George Henry Egford, H.M.S.  Cornwall.


Ch.  P.O.  D. Leighton, O.N. 124,288, Kent.

P.O., 2d Cl., M.J.  Walton, (R.F.R., A. 1,756,) O.N. 118,358, Kent.

Ldg.  Smn.  F.S.  Martin, O.N. 233,301, Invincible, Gnr’s.  Mate, Gunlayer, 1st Cl.

Sigmn.  F. Glover, O.N. 225,731, Cornwall.

Ch.  E.R.  Art., 2d Cl., J.G.  Hill, O.N. 269,646, Cornwall.

Actg.  Ch.  E.R.  Art., 2d Cl., R. Snowdon, O.N. 270,654, Inflexible.

E.R.  Art., 1st Cl., G.H.F.  McCarten, O.N. 270,023, Invincible.

Stkr.  P.O.  G.S.  Brewer, O.N. 150,950, Kent.

Stkr.  P.O.  W.A.  Townsend, O.N. 301,650, Cornwall.

Stkr., 1st Cl., J. Smith, O.N.  SS 111,915, Cornwall.

Shpwrt., 1st Cl., A.N.E.  England, O.N. 341,971, Glasgow.

Shpwrt., 2d Cl., A.C.H.  Dymott, O.N.M. 8,047, Kent.

Portsmouth R.F.R.B. 3,307 Sergt.  Charles Mayes, H.M.S.  Kent.




[From King Albert’s Book.]

    You that have faith to look with fearless eyes
      Beyond the tragedy of a world at strife,
    And trust that out of night and death shall rise
        The dawn of ampler life;

    Rejoice, whatever anguish rend your heart,
      That God has given you, for a priceless dower,
    To live in these great times and have your part
        In Freedom’s crowning hour.

    That you may tell your sons who see the light
      High in the heavens, their heritage to take—­
    “I saw the powers of darkness put to flight! 
        I saw the morning break!”

The Greatest of Campaigns

The French Official Account Concluded

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