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Lieut.  Frederic Thornton Peters, Royal Navy.

To receive the Distinguished Service Cross.

Surg.  Probationer James Alexander Stirling, R.N.V.R.

Gunner (T) Joseph H. Burton.

Chief Carpenter Frederick E. Dailey.

The following promotion has been made: 

Commander Charles Andrew Fountaine to be a Captain in his Majesty’s fleet, to date March 3, 1915.

The following awards have also been made: 

To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

P.O.  J.W.  Kemmett, O.N. 186,788. 
A.B.  H. Davis, O.N. 184,526. 
A.B.  H.F.  Griffin, O.N.J. 14,160. 
A.B.  P.S.  Livingstone, O.N. 234,328. 
A.B.  H. Robison, O.N. 209,112. 
A.B.  G.H. le Seilleur, O.N. 156,802. 
Boy, 1st Cl., F.G.H.  Bamford, O.N.J. 26,598. 
Boy, 1st Cl., J.F.  Rogers, O.N.J. 28,329. 
Ch.  E.R.  Art., 1st Cl., E.R.  Hughes, O.N. 268,999. 
Ch.  E.R.  Art., 2d Cl., W.B.  Dand, O.N. 270,648. 
Ch.  E.R.  Art., W. Gillespie, O.N. 270,080. 
Mechn.  A.J.  Cannon, O.N. 175,440. 
Mechn.  E.C.  Ephgrave, O.N. 288,231. 
Ch.  Stkr.  P. Callaghan, O.N. 278,953. 
Ch.  Stkr.  A.W.  Ferris, O.N. 175,824. 
Ch.  Stkr.  J.E.  James, O.N. 174,232. 
Ch.  Stkr.  W.E.  James, O.N. 294,406. 
Ch.  Stkr.  J. Keating, R.F.R., O.N. 165,732. 
Stkr.  P.O.  M. Flood, R.F.R., O.N. 153,418. 
Stkr.  P.O.  T.W.  Hardy, O.N. 292,542. 
Stkr.  P.O.  A.J.  Sims, O.N. 276,502. 
Stkr.  P.O.  S. Westaway, R.F.R., O.N. 300,938. 
Actg.  Ldg.  Stkr.  J. Blackburn, O.N.K. 4,844. 
Stkr., 1st Cl., A.H.  Bennet, O.N.K. 10,700. 
Stkr., 2d Cl., H. Turner, O.N.K. 22,720. 
Ldg.  Carpenter’s Crew, E.O.  Bradley, O.N. 346,621. 
Ldg.  Carpenter’s Crew, E. Currie, O.N. 344,851. 
Sick Berth Attendant C.S.  Hutchinson, O.N.M. 3,882. 
Ch.  Writer S.G.  White, O.N. 340,597. 
Third Writer H.C.  Green, O.N.M. 8,266. 
Officers’ Steward, 3d Cl., F.W.  Kearley, O.N.L. 2,716.


Admiralty, March 3, 1915.

The following dispatch has been received from Vice Admiral Sir F.C.  Doveton-Sturdee, K.C.B., C.V.O., C.M.G., reporting the action off the Falkland Islands on Tuesday, the 8th of December, 1914:

Dec. 19, 1914.

Sir:  I have the honor to forward a report on the action which took place on Dec. 8, 1914, against a German squadron off the Falkland Islands.

I have the honor to be, Sir,

Your obedient servant,

Vice Admiral, Commander in Chief. 
The Secretary, Admiralty.


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