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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 322 pages of information about New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 2, May, 1915.


Py.  Or.  J.W.  Kemmett, O.N. 186,788, Lion.

A.B.H.  Davis, O.N. 184,526, Tiger.

A.B.H.F.  Griffin, O.N.J. 14,160, Princess Royal.

A.B.P.S.  Livingstone, O.N. 234,328, Lion.

A.B.H.  Robison, O.N. 209,112, Tiger.

A.B.G.H. le Seilleur, O.N. 156,802, Lion.

Boy, 1st CL., F.G.H.  Bamford, O.N.J. 26,598, Tiger.

Boy, 1st CL., J.F.  Rogers, O.N.J. 28,329, Tiger.

Ch.  Ee.  R. Artr., 1st CL., E.R.  Hughes, O.N. 268,999, Indomitable.

Ch.  Ee.  R. Artr., 2d CL, W.B.  Dand, O.N. 270,648, New Zealand.

Ch.  Ee.  A. Artr.  W. Gillespie, O.N. 270,080, Meteor.

Mechn.  A.J.  Cannon, O.N. 175,440, Lion.

Mechn.  E.C.  Ephgrave, O.N. 288,231, Lion.

Ch.  Stkr.  P. Callaghan, O.N. 278,953, Lion.

Ch.  Stkr.  A.W.  Ferris, O.N. 175,824, Lion.

Ch.  Stkr.  J.E.  James, O.N. 174,232, New Zealand.

Ch.  Stkr.  W.E.  James, O.N. 294,406, Indomitable.

Ch.  Stkr.  J. Keating, R.F.R., O.N. 165,732, Meteor.

Stkr.  Py.  Or.  M. Flood, R.F.R., O.N. 153,418, Meteor.

Stkr.  Py.  Or.  T.W.  Hardy, O.N. 292,542, Indomitable.

Stkr.  Py.  Or.  A.J.  Sims, O.N. 276,502, New Zealand.

Stkr.  Py.  Or.  S. Westaway, R.F.R., O.N. 300,938, Meteor.

Actg.  Ldg.  Skr.  J. Blackburn, O.N.K. 4,844, Tiger.

Stkr., 1st Cl., A.H.  Bennet, O.N.K. 10,700, Tiger.

Stkr., 2d Cl., H. Turner, O.N.K. 22,720, Tiger.

Ldg.  Carpenter’s Crew, E.O.  Bradley, O.N. 346,621, Lion.

Ldg.  Carpenter’s Crew, E. Currie, O.N. 344,851, Lion.

Sick Berth Attendant C.S.  Hutchinson, O.N.M. 3,882, Tiger.

Ch.  Writer S.G.  White, O.N. 340,597, Tiger.

Third Writer H.C.  Green, O.N.M. 8,266, Tiger.

Officers’ Steward, 3d Cl., F.W.  Kearley, O.N.L. 2,716, Tiger.


Lord Chamberlain’s Office,
St. James’s Palace,
March 3, 1915.

The King has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointment to the Most Honorable Order of the Bath, in recognition of the services of the undermentioned officer mentioned in the foregoing dispatch: 

To be an Additional Member of the Military Division of the Third Class or Companion.

Capt.  Osmond de Beauvoir Brock, A.D.C., Royal Navy.

Admiralty, S.W.,
March 3, 1915.

The King has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointment to the Distinguished Service Order, and for the award of the Distinguished Service Cross, to the undermentioned officers in recognition of their services mentioned in the foregoing dispatch: 

To be Companion of the Distinguished Service Order.

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