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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 322 pages of information about New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 2, May, 1915.

To A German apologist (Poem) 329
  By Beatrice Barry

America’s neutrality 330
  By Count Albert Apponyi

Neutral spirit of the Swiss 335
  An Interview with President Motta

To king and people (Poem) 336
  By Walter Sichel

A Swiss view of Germany 337
  By Maurice Millioud

The land of maeterlinck 344
  By Alfred Sutro

America and prohibition Russia 345
  By Isabel F. Hapgood

The mother’s song (Poem) 350
  By Cecilia Reynolds Robertson

Pan-American relations as affected by the war 351
  By Huntington Wilson

An Easter message (Poem) 357
  By Beatrice Barry

An interview on the war with Henry James 358
  By Preston Lockwood

A talk with Belgium’s Governor 363
  By Edward Lyall Fox

A charge in the dark (Poem) 365
  By O.C.A.  Child

A new Poland 366
  By Gustave Herve

With the honors of war” 368
  By Wythe Williams


The UNREMEMBERED dead (Poem) 377
  By Ella A. Fanning

Canada and Britain’s war union 378
  By Edward W. Thomson

England (Poem) 384
  By John E. Dolson

American aid of France 385
  By Eugene Brieux

A farewell (Poem) 387
  By Edna Mead

Stories of French courage 388
  By Edwin L. Shuman

A TROOPER’S soliloquy (Poem) 392
  By O.C.A.  Child

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