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(Respectfully submitted to the British Government.)

    Great Churchill’s plan to fool the foe is simple and unique—­
    You only take a neutral flag and hoist it at your peak. 
    Thereby a ship with funnels four looks just like one with two,
    Because the pattern has been changed on her Red, White, and Blue.

    Now, cannot you improve on this, and so protect your towns,
    As well as all your gallant ships at anchor in the Downs? 
    Old London, with the Stars and Stripes, might well pass for New York;
    And Baltimore for Maryland instead of County Cork.

    To mouth of Thames (N-O-R-E) just add four letters more,
    Then hoist the Danish ensign, and, behold, ’tis Elsinore! 
    And Paris will be Washington if, on the Eiffel Tower,
    They raise the flag of U.S.A., (a well-known neutral power.)

    Your sailors might wear Leghorn hats, and out upon the blue,
    They’d look like sons of Italy, (at present neutral, too;)
    And, if upon your King the Hun would try to work some ill,
    With pickelhaube on his head he’d pass for Uncle Bill.


[German Cartoon]

The Fatal Moment In America

[Illustration:  _—­From Simplicissimus, Munich._

“Citizens of America, protect your existence and your honor by the force of arms!”

“Sorry, but just now we happen to be sold out!”]

[English Cartoon]

Top Dog

[Illustration:  _—­From The Bystander, London._]

[German Cartoon]

England’s “Splendid Isolation”

[Illustration:  _—­From Simplicissimus, Munich._]

[English Cartoon]

The Sultan “Over the Water”

[Illustration:  _—­From Punch, London._

MEHMED V. (to Constantinople):  “I don’t want to leave you, but I think I ought to go.”]

[German Cartoon]

Churchill’s Flag Swindle

[Illustration:  _—­From Simplicissimus, Munich._

“Really I don’t care to go out any more in these disgraceful rags!”

“Cheer up, Mrs. Britannia, just steal something better!”]

[German Cartoon]

May God Punish England!

[Illustration:  [Reproduction of a cover design of a widely advertised issue of “Simplicissimus,” the German comic weekly published in Munich.  The legend at the top reads, “May God Punish England!"]]

[Italian Cartoon]

Speeches of the Kaiser in 1915

[Illustration:  _—­From L’Asino, Rome._

JANUARY:  “I alone will defeat the world.”

MARCH:  “Naturally, with God’s help.”

JUNE:  “All goes badly—­the fault is not mine.”

DECEMBER:  “The fault is his.”]

[English Cartoon]

Our Embarrassing Cousin

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