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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 340 pages of information about New York Times Current History.

Feb. 18—­Allies make offensive movements; Germans give up Norroy.

Feb. 23—­Germans use Austrian twelve-inch howitzers for bombardment of Rheims.

Feb. 26—­French gain on the Meuse.

Feb. 28—­Germans advance west of the Vosges, forcing French back four miles on a thirteen-mile front; French gain in Champagne, taking many trenches.


Feb. 3—­Portugal is sending reinforcements to Angola, much of which is in German hands, although there has been no declaration of war between Portugal and Germany; some of the anti-British rebels in South Africa surrender.

Feb. 4—­Germans have evacuated Angola; some South African rebel leaders, including “Prophet” Vankenbsburg, surrender.

Feb. 6—­Germans are repulsed at Kakamas, a Cape Colony village.

Feb. 13—­Germans have won a success against the British on the Orange River; German East Africa is reported now clear of the enemy; Germans have invaded Uganda and British East Africa.

Feb. 16—­Trial of General De Wet and other South African rebel leaders is begun.

Feb. 21—­German newspaper report charges that German missionaries are tortured by pro-British Africans.

Feb. 26—­Botha heads British troops that plan invasion of German Southwest Africa.


Feb. 1—­Turks withdraw forces from Adrianople to defend Tchatalja; Russian victories over Turks in the Caucasus and at Tabriz prove to be of a sweeping character; Turks have been massacring Persians.

Feb. 2—­American Consul, Gordon Paddock, prevented much destruction by Turks at Tabriz.

Feb. 3—­Turks, while trying to cross Suez Canal, are attacked by British, many of them being drowned; Turks are driven back at Kurna by British gunboats.

Feb. 4—­Turks routed, with heavy loss, in two engagements on the Suez Canal, New Zealand forces being engaged; Turks are near Armageddon.

Feb. 5—­British take more Turkish prisoners.

Feb. 7—­British expect Turks again to attack Suez Canal, and make plans accordingly.

Feb. 8—­Turks in Egypt are in full retreat; their losses in dead have been heavy.

Feb. 13—­British wipe out Turkish force at Tor.

Feb. 17—­Work of Consul Paddock in saving British property at Tabriz is praised in British House of Commons.

Feb. 22—­Turks are massacring Armenians in Caucasus towns; Turks make general retirement on Damascus.

Feb. 28—­Turks have evacuated the Sinai Peninsula.


Feb. 1—­German submarine seen near Liverpool; there is a new theory that infernal machines in coal caused blowing up of the Formidable and the Bulwark.

Feb. 2—­English shipping paper offers reward of $2,500 to first British merchant vessel that sinks a German submarine; German submarine tries to torpedo British hospital ship Asturias; men from a Swedish warship are killed by a mine.

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