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Feb. 14—­Russians check Germans in Lyck region; battle raging in Bukowina; Albanians invade Servia and force Servians to retreat from the frontier.

Feb. 15—­Russian lines hold in the north; Austrians state that Bukowina has been entirely evacuated by the Russians; Germans retake Czernowitz.

Feb. 16—­Germans occupy Plock and Bielsk; Russians fall back in North Poland; Austrians win in Dukla Pass; Servians drive back Albanian invaders.

Feb. 17—­Germans prepare for attack along whole Russian front; cholera and typhus gain headway in Poland.

Feb. 18—­Belgrade bombarded; Germans try to cut off Warsaw.

Feb. 19—­Germans abandon march to Niemen; they march toward Plonsk from two directions; they occupy Tauroggen.

Feb. 20—­Germans repulsed at Ossowetz; Russians bombard Przemysl; Germans capture French Hospital Corps in East Prussia.

Feb. 21—­Russians force fighting from East Prussia to Bukowina.

Feb. 22—­Russians make progress in Galicia and the Carpathians; it is said that German and Austrian armies are being merged.

Feb. 23—­Russians force Germans back along the Bobr; Germans assemble greater forces at Przanysz; Russians destroy two Austrian brigades between Stanislau and Wyzkow; Austrians repulsed near Krasne.

Feb. 24—­Russians have successes in the Carpathians near Uzrok Pass.

Feb. 25—­Germans besiege Ossowetz; Russians gain in the Carpathians and again invade Bukowina; Russian wedge splits Austrian Army in the Carpathians; fighting on Stanislau Heights.

Feb. 26—­Fighting in progress on a 260-mile front; battle in north sways to East Prussian frontier; Germans retire in Przanysz region; Germans claim capture of eleven Russian Generals in Mazurian Lake battle; snow and intense cold hinder operations in Bukowina.

Feb. 27—­Germans retire in the north; Russians recapture Przanysz; German battalion annihilated on the Bobr; Russians advance in Galicia and claim recapture of Stanislau and Kolomea; stubborn fighting north of Warsaw.

Feb. 28—­Russians are attacking along whole front; Germans checked in North Poland and many taken prisoners; General Brusiloff’s army is claimed by the Russians to have thus far captured 188,000 Austrians.


Feb. 1—­Germans evacuate Cernay and burn Alsatian towns as French advance.

Feb. 3—­Germans try to retake Great Dune; Allies make gains in Belgium; fighting at Westende.

Feb. 5—­Allies are making a strong offensive movement in Belgium.

Feb. 7—­British take German trenches at Guinchy.

Feb. 9—­Germans again bombard Rheims, Soissons, and other places; fighting on skis is occurring in Alsace.

Feb. 14—­Germans are making preparations for an offensive movement in Alsace.

Feb. 16—­French forces gain in Champagne and advance on a two-mile front; fighting in La Bassee.

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