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It would tell of their quiet and noble devotion to their daily tasks, of the purity of their happy family life....

Suddenly, the devil would intervene, with his threats and his offers....

Then we should hear of the sovereigns and the people of Belgium agreeing at once in their sense of honor and heroism.

Then the dastardly invasion, and the innumerable host of infernal spirits breathing out sulphur, belching torrents of iron, and raining fire; city dwellings transformed into the shattered columns of cemeteries; innocent creatures tortured and victimized; and the King and Queen with their kingdom reduced to a sandhill on the shore, and the remnant of their valiant army around them.

And at last, at last!  That turn of the tide which all humanity worthy of the name desires so ardently, and which even the baser sort now sees to be surely approaching.

At this point in the story, at this page of the legendary tale, how the children would clap their hands, with all that love of justice innate in children, and how the faces of worthy parents would beam with the approval of satisfied consciences!

And in the future, those who contemplate the royal arms with the pious admiration due to them, will see a blooming rose side by side with the lion of Belgium, typifying the immortal share of H.M.  Queen Elizabeth in the glory of H.M.  Albert I.


[German Cartoon]

The American Protest

[Illustration:  _—­From Lustige Blaetter, Berlin._

JOHN BULL:  “Now, what’s he throwing at me for?  A little bit of piracy is no reason for getting bad-tempered.”]

[French Cartoon]

The Peasant and the War

[Illustration:  _—­From Le Rire, Paris_

“Confound their infernal shells!  If a feller didn’t have to work it would be better to stay home these days.”]

[German Cartoon]


[Illustration:  _—­From Lustige Blaetter, Berlin._

[This cartoon was published on the Kaiser’s birthday, Jan. 27, 1915.]]

[English Cartoon]

“The Outcast”

[Illustration:  _—­From Punch, London._

A place in the shadow.]

[Italian Cartoon]

The Dream of a Madman

[Illustration:  _—­From L’Asino, Rome._

WILLIAM:  “Attention!  Forward!  March!  One—­two....”]

[German Cartoon]

Night Scene in Trafalgar Square

[Illustration:  _—­From Lustige Blaetter, Berlin._

“Goddam, Mister Nelson!  What are you looking for down here?”

“Well, just suppose you stay up there for a while among the Zeppelins yourself.”]

[English Cartoon]

The Riddle of the Sands

[Illustration:  _—­From Punch, London._

TURKISH CAMEL:  “Where to?”

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