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of them were now robed in celestial vestments and all had brilliant ear-rings.  They were free from all animosity and pride, and divested of wrath and jealousy.  Gandharvas sang their praises, and bards waited on them, chanting their deeds.  Robed in celestial vestments and wearing celestial garlands, each of them was waited upon by bands of Apsaras.  At that time, through the puissance of his penances, the great ascetic, the son of Satyavati, gratified with Dhritarashtra, gave him celestial vision.  Endued with celestial knowledge and strength, Gandhari of great fame saw all her children as also all that had been slain in battle.  All persons assembled there beheld with steadfast gaze and hearts filled with wonder that amazing and inconceivable phenomenon which made the hair on their bodies stand on its end.  It looked like a high carnival of gladdened men and women.  That wondrous scene looked like a picture painted on the canvas.  Dhritarashtra, beholding all those heroes, with his celestial vision obtained through the grace of that sage, became full of joy, O chief of Bharata’s race."’


“Vaisampayana said.  ’Then those foremost of men divested of wrath and jealousy, and cleansed of every sin, met with one another, agreeably to those high and auspicious ordinances that have been laid down by regenerate Rishis.  All of them were happy of hearts and looked like gods moving in Heaven.  Son met with sire or mother, wives with husbands, brother with brother, and friend with friend, O king.  The Pandavas, full of joy, met with the mighty bowman Karna as also with the son of Subhadra, and the children of Draupadi.  With happy hearts the sons of Pandu approached Karna, O monarch, and became reconciled with him.  All those warriors, O chief of Bharata’s race, meeting with one another through the grace of the great ascetic, became reconciled with one another.  Casting off all unfriendliness, they became established on amity and peace.  It was even thus that all those foremost of men, viz., the Kauravas and other kings became united with the Kurus rid other kinsmen of theirs as also with their children.  The whole of that night they passed in great happiness.  Indeed, the Kshatriya warriors, in consequence of the happiness they felt, regarded that place as Heaven itself.  There was no grief, no fear, no suspicion, no discontent, no reproach in that region, as those warriors, O monarch, met with one another on that night.  Meeting with their sires and brothers and husbands and sons, the ladies cast off all grief and felt great raptures of delight.  Having sported with one another thus for one night, those heroes and those ladies, embracing one another and taking one another’s leave returned to the places they had come from.  Indeed, that foremost of ascetics dismissed that concourse of warriors.  Within the twinkling of an eye that large crowd disappeared in the very sight of all those

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