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him make those gifts unto persons of the regenerate order, taking away from our mansions jewels and gems, and kine, and slaves both mate and female, and goats and sheep.  Let gifts be made unto also those that are poor or sightless or in great distress, selecting the objects of his charity as he likes.  Let, O Vidura, large pavilions be constructed, rich with food and drink of diverse tastes collected in profusion.  Let reservoirs of water be constructed for enabling kine to drink, and let other works of merit be accomplished.—­Even these were the words said unto me by the king as also by Pritha’s son Dhananjaya.  It behoveth thee to say what should be done next.  After Vidura had said these words, O Janamejaya, Dhritarashtra his satisfaction at them and set his heart upon making large presents on the day of full moon in the month of Kartika."’


“Vaisampayana said,—­’Thus addressed by Vidura, king Dhritarashtra became highly pleased, O monarch, with the act of Yudhishthira and Jishnu.  Inviting then, after proper examination, thousands of deserving Brahmanas and superior Rishis, for the sake of Bhishma, as also of his sons and friends, and causing a large quantity of food and drink to be prepared, and cars and other vehicles and clothes, and gold and jewels and gems, and slaves both male and female, and goats and sheep, and blankets and costly articles to be collected, and villages and fields, and other kines of wealth to be kept ready, as also elephants and steeds decked with ornaments, and many beautiful maidens who were the best of their sex, that foremost of kings gave them away for the advancement of the dead, naming each of them in due order as the gifts were made.  Naming Drona, and Bhishma, and Somadatta, and Valhika, and king Duryodhana, and each one of his other sons, and all his well-wishers with Jayadratha numbering first, those gifts were made in due order.  With the approval of Yudhishthira, that Sraddha-sacrifice became characterised by large gifts of wealth and profuse presents of jewels and gems and other kinds of treasure.  Tellers and scribes on that occasion, under the orders of Yudhishthira, ceaselessly asked the old king.—­Do thou command, O monarch, what gifts should be made to these.  All things are ready here.—­As soon as the king spoke, they gave away what he directed.[30] Unto him that was to receive a hundred, a thousand was given, and unto him that was to receive a thousand was given ten thousand, at the command of the royal son of Kunti.[31] Like the, clouds vivifying the crops with their downpours, that royal cloud gratified the Brahmanas by downpours of wealth.  After all those gifts had been distributed, the king, O thou of great intelligence, then deluged the assembled guests of all the four orders with repeated surges of food and drink of diverge tastes.  Verily, the Dhritarashtra-ocean, swelling high, with jewels and gems for its waters, rich with the villages and

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