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“Vaisampayana continued, ’Having said these words, king Yudhishthira the just, highly applauded Arjuna.  Meanwhile Bhimasena began to cast angry glances at Dhananjaya.  Then Yudhishthira, endued with great intelligence, once more addressed Vidura and said, ’It behoves not king Dhritarashtra to be angry with Bhimasena.  This Bhima of great intelligence was greatly afflicted by cold and rain and heat and by a thousand other griefs while residing in the woods.  All this is not unknown to thee.  Do thou, however, instructed by me, say unto the king, O foremost one of Bharata’s race, that he may take from my house whatever articles he wishes and in whatever measure also he likes.  Thou shalt also tell the king that he should not allow his heart to dwell on this exhibition of pride in which Bhima, deeply afflicted, has indulged.  Whatever wealth I have and whatever Arjuna has in his house, the owner thereof is king Dhritarashtra.  Even this thou shouldst tell him.  Let the king make gifts unto the Brahmanas.  Let him spend as largely as he likes.  Let him free himself from the debt he owes to his sons and well-wishers.  Let him be told besides,—­O Monarch, this very body of mine is at thy disposal and all the wealth I have.  Know this, and let there be no doubt in this.


“Vaisampayana said, ’Thus addressed by king Yudhishthira, Vidura, that foremost of all intelligent persons, returned to Dhritarashtra and said unto him these words of grave import.  ’I at first reported thy message to king Yudhishthira.  Reflecting on thy words, Yudhishthira of great splendour applauded them highly.  Vibhatsu also, of great energy, places all his mansions, with all the wealth therein, as also his very life-breaths, at thy disposal.  Thy son, king Yudhishthira, too, offers thee, O royal sage, his kingdom and life-breath and wealth and all else that belongs to him.  Bhima, however, of mighty arms, recollecting all his innumerable sorrows, has with difficulty given his consent, breathing many heavy sighs.  That mighty-armed hero, O monarch, was solicited by the righteous king as also by Vibhatsu, and induced to assume relations of cordiality towards thee.  King Yudhishthira the just, his prayed thee not to give way to dissatisfaction for the improper conduct which Bhima has displayed at the recollection of former hostilities.  This is generally the behaviour of Kshatriyas in battle, O king, and this Vrikodara is devoted to battle and the practices of Kshatriyas.  Both myself and Arjuna, O king, repeatedly beg thee for pardoning Vrikodara.  Be gracious unto us.  Thou art our lord.  Whatever wealth we have, thou mayst give away as thou likest, O ruler of Earth.  Thou, O Bharata. art the Master of this kingdom and of all lives in it.  Let the foremost one of Kuru’s race give away, for the obsequial rites of his sons, all those foremost of gifts which should be given to the Brahmanas.  Indeed, let

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