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“The Brahmana continued, ’The destruction that has overtaken the Kurus was not brought about by Duryodhana.  It was not brought about by thee.  Nor was it brought about by Karna and Suvala’s son.  We know that it was brought about by destiny, and that it was incapable of being counteracted.  Verily, destiny is not capable of being resisted by human exertion.  Eight and ten Akshauhinis of troops, O monarch, were brought together.  In eight and ten days that host was destroyed by the foremost of Kuru warriors, viz., Bhishma and Drona and Kripa and others, and the high-souled Karna, and the heroic Yuyudhana, and Dhrishtadyumna, and by the four sons of Pandu, that is, Bhima and Arjuna and twins.  This (tremendous) carnage, O king, could not happen without the influence of destiny.  Without doubt, by Kshatriyas in particular, should foes be slain and death encountered in battle.  By those foremost of men, endued with science and might of arms, the Earth has been exterminated with her steeds and cars and elephants.  Thy son was not the cause of that carnage of high-souled kings.  Thou wert not the cause, nor thy servants, nor Karna, nor Suvala’s son.  The destruction of those foremost ones of Kuru’s race and of kings by thousands, know, was brought about by destiny.  Who can say anything else in this?  Thou art regarded as the Guru and the master of the whole world.  We, therefore, in thy presence, absolve thy righteous-souled son.  Let that king, with all his associates, obtain the regions reserved for heroes.  Permitted by foremost of Brahmanas, let him sport blissfully in heaven.  Thou also shalt attain to great merit, and unswerving steadiness in virtue.  O thou of excellent vows, follow thou fully the duties indicated in the Vedas.  It is not necessary for either thee or ourselves to look after the Pandavas.  They are capable of ruling the very Heavens, what need then be said of the Earth?  O thou of great intelligence, in prosperity as in adversity, the subjects of this kingdom, O foremost one of Kuru’s race, will be obedient to the Pandavas who have conduct for their ornament.  The son of Pandu makes those valuable gifts which are always to be made to foremost of regenerate persons in sacrifices and in obsequial rites, after the manner of all the great kings of antiquity.  The high-minded son of Kunti is mild, and self-restrained, and is always disposed to spend as if he were a second Vaisravana.  He has great ministers that attend on him.  He is compassionate to even his foes.  Indeed, that foremost one of Bharata’s race is of pure conduct.  Endued with great intelligence, he is perfectly straight-forward in his dealings and rules and protects us like a father protecting his children.  From association with him who is the son of Dharma, O royal sage, Bhima and Arjuna and others will never do us the least wrong.  They are mild, O thou of Kuru’s race, unto them that are mild, and fierce like snakes of virulent poison unto them that are fierce.  Possessed of

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