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the smoke, capable of cleansing one from every sin, of the marrow that was thus cooked.  The remaining limbs, O king, of that horse, were poured into the fire by the sixteen sacrificial priests possessed of great wisdom.  Having thus completed the sacrifice of that monarch, who was endued with the energy of Sakra himself, the illustrious Vyasa with his disciples eulogised the king greatly.  Then Yudhishthira gave away unto the Brahmanas a thousand crores of golden nishkas, and unto Vyasa he gave away the whole Earth.  Satyavati’s son Vyasa, having accepted the Earth, addressed that foremost one of Bharata’s race, viz., king Yudhishthira the just, and said, ’O best of kings, the Earth which thou hast given me I return unto thee.  Do thou give me the purchasing value, for Brahmanas are desirous of wealth (and have no use with the Earth).’  The high-souled Yudhishthira of great intelligence staying with his brothers in the midst of the kings invited to his sacrifice, said unto those Brahmanas, The ’Dakshina ordained in the scriptures for the great Horse-sacrifice is the Earth.  Hence, I have given away unto the sacrificial priests the Earth conquered by Arjuna.  Ye foremost of Brahmanas, I shall enter the woods.  Do ye divide the Earth among yourselves.  Indeed, do you divide the Earth into four parts according to what is done in the Chaturhotra sacrifice.  Ye best of regenerate ones I do not desire to appropriate what now belongs to the Brahmanas.  Even this, ye learned Brahmanas, has been the intention always cherished by myself and my brothers.’  When the king said these words, his brothers and Draupadi also said, ‘Yes, it is even so.’  Great was the sensation created by this announcement.  Then, O Bharata, an invisible voice was heard in the welkin, saying,—­’Excellent, Excellent!’ The murmurs also of crowds of Brahmanas as they spoke arose.  The Island-born Krishna, highly applauding him, once more addressed Yudhishthira, in the presence of the Brahmanas, saying, ’The Earth has been given by thee to me.  I, however, give her back to thee.  Do thou give unto these Brahmanas gold.  Let the Earth be thine.’  Then Vasudeva, addressing king Yudhishthira the just, said, ’It behoveth thee to do as thou art bid by the illustrious Vyasa.’  Thus addressed, the foremost one of Kuru’s race, along with all his brothers, became glad of soul, and gave away millions of golden coins, in fact, trebling the Dakshina ordained for the Horse-sacrifice.  No other king will be able to accomplish what the Kuru king accomplished on that occasion after the manner of Marutta.  Accepting that wealth, the Island-born sage, Krishna, of great learning, gave it unto the sacrificial priests, dividing it into four parts.  Having paid that wealth as the price of the Earth, Yudhishthira, cleansed of his sins and assured of Heaven rejoiced with his brothers.  The sacrificial priests, having got that unlimited quantity of wealth, distributed it among the Brahmanas gladly and according to the desire of each recipient. 
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