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Praise to you and king Yudhishthira!  Who else than Arjuna could come back after having caused the horse to wander over the whole Earth and after having vanquished all the kings in battle?  We have not heard of such a feat having been achieved by even Sagara and other high-souled kings of antiquity.  Future kings also will never be able to accomplish so difficult a feat, O foremost one of Kuru’s race, as this which thou hast achieved.’  Listening to such words, agreeable to the ear, of the citizens, the righteous-souled Phalguna entered the sacrificial compound.  Then king Yudhishthira with all his ministers, and Krishna, the delighter of the Yadus, placing Dhritarashtra in their van, went out for receiving Dhananjaya.  Saluting the feet of his sire (Dhritarashtra), and then of king Yudhishthira the just of great wisdom, and then worshipping Bhima and others, he embraced Kesava.  Worshipped by them all and worshipping them in return according to due rites, the mighty-armed hero, accompanied by those princes, took rest like a ship-wrecked man tossed on the waves resting on reaching the shore.  Meanwhile king Vabhruvahan of great wisdom, accompanied by his mothers (Chitrangada and Ulupi), came to the Kuru capital.  The mighty-armed prince duly saluted all his seniors of Kuru’s race and the other kings present there, and was honoured by them all in return.  He then entered the excellent abode of his grand-mother Kunti."’


“Vaisampayana said, ’Entering the palace of the Pandavas the mighty-armed prince saluted his grand-mother in soothing and sweet accents.  Then queen Chitrangada, and (Ulupi) the daughter of (the snake) Kauravya, together approached Partha and Krishna with humility.  They then met Subhadra and the other ladies of the Kuru race with due formalities.  Kunti gave them many gems and costly things.  Draupadi and Subhadra and the other ladies of Kuru’s race all made presents to them.  The two ladies took up their residence there, using costly beds and seats, treated with affection and respect by Kunti herself from desire of doing what was agreeable to Partha.  King Vabhruvahana of great energy, duly honoured (by Kunti), then met Dhritarashtra according to due rites.  Repairing then to king Yudhishthira and Bhima and the other Pandavas, the mighty prince of Manipura saluted them all with humility.  They all embraced him with great affection and honoured him duly.  And those mighty car-warriors highly gratified with him, made large gifts of wealth unto him.  The king of Manipura then humbly approached Krishna, that hero armed with the discus and the mace, like a second Pradyumna approaching his sire.  Krishna gave unto the king a very costly and excellent car adorned with gold and unto which were yoked excellent steeds.  Then king Yudhishthira the just, and Bhima, and Phalguna, and the twins, each separately honoured him and made costly presents unto him. 

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