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behold the face of this lord of the worlds, that is endued with great wisdom, and possessed of eyes like lotus-petals and resembling thy sire of restless glance.  Beholding Uttara, who indulged in these lamentations, fallen on the earth, all those ladies, raising her, caused her to sit up.  Having sat up, the daughter of the king of the Matsyas, summoning her patience, joined her hands in reverence and touched the earth with her head for saluting Kesava of eyes like the petals of the lotus.  That foremost of beings, hearing those heart-rending lamentations of hers, touched water and withdrew the (force of the) Brahma-weapon.[185] That hero of unfading glory, belonging to the race of the Dasarhas, promised to give the child his life.  Then he of pure soul, said these words in the hearing of the whole universe,—­’O Uttara, I never utter an untruth.  My words will prove true.  I shall revive this child in the presence of all creatures.  Never before have I uttered an untruth even in jest.  Never have I turned back from battle. (By the merit of those acts) let this child revive!  As righteousness is dear to me, as Brahmanas are specially dear to me, (by the merit of that disposition of mine) let Abhimanyu’s son, who is born dead, revive!  Never hath a misunderstanding arisen between me and my friend Vijaya.  Let this dead child revive by that truth!  As truth and righteousness are always established in me, let this dead child of Abhimanyu revive (by the merit of these)!  As Kansa and Kesi have been righteously slain by me, let this child revive today by that truth!’ After these words were uttered by Vasudeva, that child, O foremost one of Bharata’s race, became animate and began gradually to move, O monarch.’


“Vaisampayana said, ’When the Brahma-weapon was withdrawn by Krishna, at that time, the laying-in room was illumined by thy father with his energy.  All the Rakshasas (that had come there) were forced to leave the room and many of them met with destruction.  In the welkin a voice was heard, saying, ’Excellent, O Kesava, Excellent!’—­The blazing Brahma-weapon then returned to the Grandsire (of all the worlds).  Thy sire got back his life-breaths, O king.  The child began to move according to his energy and might.  The Bharata ladies became filled with joy.  At the command of Govinda, the Brahmanas were made to utter benedictions.  All the ladies, filled with joy, praised Janarddana.  Indeed, the wives of those Bharata lions, viz., Kunti and Drupada’s daughter and Subhadra, and Uttara, and the wives of other lions among men, like (ship-wrecked) persons who have reached the shore after having obtained a boat, became exceedingly glad.  Then wrestlers and actors and astrologers and those who enquire after the slumbers (of princes), and bands of bards and eulogists all uttered the praises of Janarddana, while uttering benedictions fraught with the praises of the Kuru race, O chief of the Bharatas. 

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