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used to come out of his chamber without the loss of a moment.  Why does not thy husband come out today?  Alas, O Abhimanyu, thy maternal uncles—­mighty car-warriors—­are all hale.  They used to bless thee when they saw thee come here prepared to go out for battle.  Do thou tell me the incidents of battle today as before, O chastiser of foes.  Oh. why dost thou not answer me today—­me who am weeping so bitterly?’—­Hearing these lamentations of this daughter of the Vrishni race, Pritha, deeply afflicted with grief, addressed her and slowly said,—­’O Subhadra, though protected by Vasudeva and Satyaki and by his own sire, thy youthful son has yet been slain.  That slaughter is due to the influence of Time!  O daughter of Yadu’s race, mortal thy son was.  Do not grieve.  Irresistible in battle, thy son has, without doubt, attained to the highest goal.  Thou art born in a high race of high-souled Kshatriyas.  Do not grieve, O thou of restless glances, O girl of eyes like lotus-petals.  Do thou cast thy eyes on Uttara who is quick with child.  O blessed lady, do not yield to sorrow.  This auspicious girl will soon bring forth a son to that hero.  Having comforted her in this way, Kunti, conversant with every duty, O perpetuator of Yadu’s race, casting off her grief, O irresistible one, made arrangements for Abhimanyu’s obsequial rites, with the acquiescence of king Yudhishthira and Bhima, and the twins (viz., Nakula and Sahadeva) who in prowess resembled Yama himself.  She also made many presents unto the Brahmanas, and bestowed upon them many kine, O perpetuator of Yadu’s race, Then the Vrishni dame (Kunti), comforted a little, addressed the daughter of Virata, saying,—­O faultless daughter of Virata, thou shouldst not indulge in grief.  For the sake of thy husband, O thou of rotund hips, protect the child in thy womb.—­Having said these words, O thou of great splendour, Kunti ceased.  With her permission I have brought Subhadra here.  It was even thus, O giver of honours, that thy daughter’s son met with his death.  Cast off thy burning grief, O irresistible one.  Indeed, do not set thy heart on sorrow.’


“Vaisampayana said, ’Having heard these words of his son Vasudeva, that descendant of Sura, of righteous soul, casting off his grief, made excellent obsequial offerings (unto Abhimanyu).  Vasudeva also performed those rites for the ascension (to Heaven) of his high-souled nephew, that hero who was ever the darling of his sire (Vasudeva).  He duly fed six millions of Brahmanas, endued with great energy, with edibles possessed of every recommendation.  Presenting many clothes unto them, Krishna gratified the thirst for wealth of those Brahmanas.  Wonderful were the heaps of gold, the number of kine and of beds and clothes, that were then given away.  The Brahmanas loudly declared—­’Let (Krishna’s wealth) increase.’  Then Vasudeva of Dasarha’s race, and Valadeva, and Satyaki, and Satyaka, each performed the obsequial

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