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enjoyable articles.  There were heaps of cloths and garlands, and the music of Vinas and flutes and Mridangas was heard everywhere.  Food mixed with wines of diverse kinds was stored here and there.  Gifts were being ceaselessly made to those that were distressed, or blind, or helpless.  In consequence of all this, the festival of that mountain became highly auspicious.  There were many sacred abodes built on the breast of that mountain, O hero, within which resided many men of righteous deeds.  Even thus did the heroes of Vrishni’s race sport in that festival of Raivataka.  Equipt with those mansions, that mountain shone like a second Heaven.  At the arrival of Krishna, O chief of Bharata’s race, that prince of mountains resembled the blessed abode of Indra himself.  Worshipped (by his relatives), Krishna then entered a beautiful mansion.  Satyaki also went to his own quarters with a delighted soul.  Govinda entered his residence after a long absence, having accomplished feats of great difficulty like Vasava amid the Danava host.  The heroes of the Bhoja, Vrishni, and Andhaka races, all came forward to receive that high-souled one like the deities advancing to receive him of a hundred sacrifices.  Endued with great intelligence, he honoured them in return and enquired after their welfare.  With a gratified heart he then saluted his father and mother.  The mighty-armed hero was embraced by both of them and comforted too (by numerous evidences of affection).  He then took his seat with all the Vrishnis sitting around him.  Having washed his feet and dispelled his fatigue, Krishna of mighty energy, as he sat there, then recounted the chief incidents of the great battle in answer to the questions put to him by his sire.’”


“Vasudeva said, ’O thou of Vrishni’s race, I have repeatedly heard men speaking of the wonderful battle (between the Kurus and the Pandavas).  Thou, however, O mighty-armed one, hast witnessed it with thy own eyes.  Do thou, therefore, O sinless one, describe the battle in detail.  Indeed, tell me how that battle took place between the high-souled Pandavas (on the one side) and Bhishma and Karna and Kripa and Drona and Salya and others (on the other side), between, in fact, numerous other Kshatriyas well-skilled in aims, differing from one another in mien and attire, and hailing from diverse realms.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Thus addressed by his sire, he of eyes like lotus-petals narrated, in the presence of his mother also, how the Kaurava heroes had been slain in battle.’

“Vasudeva said, ’The feats were highly wonderful that were achieved by those high-souled Kshatriyas.  In consequence of their large number, they are incapable of being enumerated in even hundreds of years.  I shall however, mention only the foremost of them.  Do thou listen, therefore, to me as I mention in brief those feats achieved by the kings of Earth.  O thou of godlike splendour.  Bhishma

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