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“Vaisampayana said, ’When the thunder-armed Indra failed to divert Utanka from his purpose, he united the latter’s walking staff with the force of thunder.  Then, O Janamejaya, the Earth, opening with those strokes having the force of thunder, yielded a way to the (nether) regions inhabited by the Nagas.  By that path Utanka entered the world of Nagas.  He saw that that region lay extended thousands of Yojanas on all sides.  Indeed, O blessed one, it was equipt with many walls made of pure gold and decked with jewels and gems.  There were many fine tanks of water furnished with flights of stair-cases made of pure crystal, and many rivers of clear and transparent water.  He saw also many trees with diverse species of birds perching on them.  That perpetuator of Bhrigu’s race behold the gate of that region which was full five Yojanas high and a hundred Yojanas in width.  Beholding the region of the Nagas, Utanka became very cheerless.  Indeed, he, despaired of getting back the earrings.  Then there appeared unto him a black steed with a white tail.  His face and eyes were of a coppery hue, O thou of Kuru’s race, and he seemed to blaze forth with energy.  Addressing Utanka, he said, ’Do thou blow into the Apana duct of my body.  Thou wilt then, O learned Brahmana, get back thy ear-rings which have been taken away by a descendant of Airavata’s race!  Do not loathe to do my bidding, O son.  Thou didst it often at the retreat of Gautama in former days.’

“Utanka said, ’How did I know thee in the retreat of my preceptor?  Indeed, I wish to hear how I did in those days what thou biddest me do now.’

“The steed said, ’Know, O learned Brahmana, that I am the preceptor of thy preceptor, for I am the blazing Jatavedas (deity of fire).  By thee I was often worshipped for the sake of thy preceptor, O child of Bhrigu’s race, duly and with a pure heart and body.  For that reason I shall accomplish what is for thy good.  Do my bidding without delay.’  Thus addressed by the deity of fire, Utanka did as he was directed.  The deity then, gratified with him, blazed up for consuming everything.  From the pores of his body, O Bharata, in consequence of his very nature, a thick smoke issued threatening terrors to the world of Nagas.  With that mighty and wide-spreading smoke, O Bharata, everything became enveloped in gloom, so that nothing, O king, could any longer be seen in the world of the Nagas.  Cries of woe were heard throughout the mansions of the Airavatas, uttered by the Nagas headed by Vasuki, O Janamejaya.  Enveloped by that smoke, the palaces could no longer be seen, O Bharata.  These resembled woods and hill overwhelmed by a thick forest.  With eyes that were red in consequence of that smoke, and afflicted by the energy of the deity of fire, the Nagas came out of their mansions to the high-souled son of Bhrigu’s race for ascertaining what was the matter.  Having heard what the matter was from that ascetic of immeasurable energy, all the

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