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loud lamentations from excess of sorrow.  Conversant with every duty, the daughter of his preceptor the, who was possessed of eyes that resembled the petals of the lotus, and of hips that were full and round, at the command of her sire, sought, with downcast face, to hold Utanka’s tears in her hands.  Her hands seemed to burn with those tear-drops that she held.  Unable, accordingly, to hold them longer, she was obliged to throw them down on the Earth.  The Earth herself was unable to hold those tear-drops of Utanka.  With a gratified heart, Gautama then said unto the regenerate Utanka,—­Why, O son, is thy mind so afflicted with grief today?  Tell me calmly and quietly, O learned Rishi, for I wish to hear it in detail.’

“Utanka said, ’With mind entirely devoted to thee, and wholly bent upon doing what is agreeable to thee, with my, heart’s devotion turned to thee, and with thoughts entirely dwelling on thee, (I have resided here till) decrepitude has come upon me without my knowing it at all.  I have not, again, known any happiness.  Though I have dwelt with thee for a hundred years, yet thou hast not granted me permission to depart.  Many disciples of thine, that were my juniors, have, however, been permitted by thee to return.  Indeed, hundreds and thousands of foremost Brahmanas have, equipt with knowledge, been permitted by thee (to depart from thy retreat and set themselves up as teachers)!’

“Gautama said, ’Through my love and affection for thee, and in consequence of thy dutiful services to me, a long time has elapsed without my knowing it, O foremost of Brahmanas.  If, however, O thou of Bhrigu’s race, the desire is entertained by thee of leaving this place, do thou go without delay, receiving my permission.’

“Utanka said.  ’What shall I present to my preceptor?  Tell me this, O best of regenerate persons.  Having brought it, I shall go hence, O lord, with thy permission.’

“Gautama said.  ’The good that the gratification of the preceptor is the final fee.[171] Without doubt, O regenerate one.  I have been highly gratified with thy conduct.  Know, O perpetuator of Bhrigu’s race, that I have been exceedingly gratified with thee for this.  If thou becomest a young man today of sixteen years, I shall bestow on thee, O regenerate one, this my own daughter for becoming thy wife.  No other woman save this one is capable of waiting upon thy energy.’  At these words of Gautama, Utanka once again became a youth and accepted that famous maiden for his wife.  Receiving the permission of his preceptor, he then addressed his preceptor’s wife, saying,—­’What shall I give thee as final fee for my preceptor?  Do thou command me.  I desire to accomplish, with wealth or even my life, what is agreeable and beneficial to thee.  Whatever gem, exceedingly wonderful and of great value, exists in this world, I shall bring for thee with the aid of my penances.  I have no doubt in this.’

“Ahalya said, ’I am highly gratified with thee, O learned Brahmana, with thy unintermitting devotion, O sinless one.  This is enough.  Blessed be thou, go whithersoever thou likest.’

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