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race, I live in the order of the deities, I then verily act in every respect as a deity.  When I live in the order of the Gandharvas, I then, O son of Bhrigu’s race, act in every respect as a Gandharva.  When I live in the order of the Nagas, I then act as a Naga, and when I live in the order of Yakshas or that of Rakshasas, I act after the manner of that order.  Born now in the order of humanity, I must act as a human being.  I appealed to them (the Kauravas) most piteously.  But stupefied as they were and deprived of their senses, they refused to accept my words.  I frightened them, filled with wrath, referring to some great fear (as the consequence of their slighting my message).  But once more I showed themselves my usual (human) form.  Possessed as they were of unrighteousness, and assailed by the virtue of Time, all of them have been righteously slain in battle, and have, without doubt, gone to Heaven.  The Pandavas also, O best of Brahmanas, have acquired great fame.  I have thus told thee all that thou hadst asked me.’”


“Utanka said, ’I know thee, O Janarddana, to be the creator of the universe.  Without doubt, this knowledge that I have is the result of thy grace towards me, O thou of unfading glory, my heart is possessed of cheerful tranquillity in consequence of its being devoted to thee.  Know, O chastiser of foes, that my heart is no longer inclined to curse thee.  If, O Janarddana, I deserve the least grace from thee, do thou then show me once thy sovereign form.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Gratified with him, the holy one then showed Utanka that eternal Vaishnava form which Dhananjaya of great intelligence had seen.  Utanka beheld the high-souled Vasudeva’s universal form, endued with mighty arms.  The effulgence of that form was like that of a blazing fire of a thousand suns.  It stood before him filling all space.  It had faces on every side.  Beholding that high and wonderful Vaishnava form of Vishnu, in act, seeing the Supreme Lord (in that guise), the Brahmana Utanka became filled with wonder.’

“Utanka, said, ’O thou whose handiwork is the universe, I bow to thee, O Soul of the universe, O parent of all things.  With thy feet thou hast covered the whole Earth, and with thy head thou fillest the firmament.  That which lies between the Earth and the firmament has been filled by thy stomach.  All the points of the compass are covered by thy arms.  O thou of unfading glory, thou art all this.  Do thou withdraw this excellent and indestructible form of thine.  I wish to behold thee now in thy own (human) form which too is eternal!’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Unto him, O Janamejaya, Govinda of gratified soul said these words,—­’Do thou ask for some boon’ Unto him Utanka, however, said—­Even this is a sufficient boon from thee for the present, O thou of great splendour, in that, O Krishna, I have beheld this form of thine, O foremost of all beings.  Krishna, however, once more said unto him—­Do not scruple in this matter.  This must be done.  A sight of my form cannot be fruitless.’

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