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“Utanka said, ’Do thou, O Kesava, tell me that faultless Adhyatma.  Having heard thy discourse I shall ordain what is for thy good or denounce a curse to thee, O Janarddana.’

“Vasudeva said, ’Know that the three qualities of Darkness and Passion and Goodness exist, depending on me as their refuge.  So also, O regenerate one, know that the Rudras and the Vasus have sprung from me.  In me are all creatures, and in all creatures do I exist; know this.  Let no doubt arise in thy mind respecting this.  So also, O regenerate one, know that all the tribes of the Daityas, all the Yakshas, Gandharvas, Rakshasas, Nagas.  Apsaras, have sprung from me.  Whatever has been called existent and non-existent, whatever is manifest and not-manifest, whatever is destructible and indestructible, all have me for their soul.  Those fourfold courses of duty which, O ascetic, are known to attach to the (four) modes of life, and all the Vedic duties, have me for their soul.  Whatever is non-existent, whatever is existent and non-existent, and whatever transcends that which is existent and non-existent,—­all these which constitute the universe—­are from me.  There is nothing higher (or beyond) me who am the eternal god of gods.[170] O perpetuator of Bhrigu’s race, know that all the Vedas beginning with (the original syllable) Om are identical with me.  Know, O son of Bhrigu’s race, that I am the sacrificial stake; I am the Soma (drunk in sacrifices); I am the Charu (cooked in sacrifices for being offered to the deities); I am the Homa (that is performed); I am those acts which sacrificers perform for gratifying the deities; I am even the pourer of the sacrificial libation:  and I am the Havi or libation that is poured.  I am the Adharyu.  I am the Kalpaka; and I am the highly sanctified sacrificial Havi.  It is me whom the Udgatri, in the great sacrifice, hymns by the sound of his songs.  In all rites of expiation, O Brahmana, the utterers of auspicious Mantras and benedictions fraught with peace hymn my praises who am the artificer, O foremost of regenerate ones, of the universe.  Know, O best of regenerate person, that Dharma is my eldest-born offspring, sprung from my mind, O learned Brahmana, whose essence is compassion for all creatures.  Constantly transforming myself, I take birth in diverse wombs, O best of men, for upholding that son of mine, with the aid of men now existing in or departed from the world.  Indeed, I do this for protecting Righteousness and for establishing it.  In those forms that I assume for the purpose, I am known, O son of Bhrigu’s race, in the three worlds as Vishnu and Brahman and Sakra.  I am the origin and I am the destruction of all things.  I am the creator of all existent objects and I am their destroyer.  Knowing no change myself, I am the destroyer of all those creatures that live in sinfulness.  In every Yuga I have to repair the causeway of Righteousness, entering into diverse kinds of wombs from desire of doing good to my creatures.  When, O son of Bhrigu’s

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