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When king Yudhishthira the just of Kuru’s race said so, Vasudeva, that foremost of men, said these words (in reply).

“Vasudeva said, ’O mighty-armed one, all jewels and gems, all wealth, and the entire Earth, are thine and thine alone.  Whatever wealth exists in my, abode, thou, O lord, art always the owner thereof.’  Unto him Yudhishthira, the son of Dharma, said,—­’Be it so’—­and then duly worshipped (Krishna) the eldest brother, endued with great energy, of Gada.  Vasudeva then proceeded to his paternal aunt (Kunti).  Duly honouring her, he circumambulated her person.  He was properly accosted by her in return, and then by all the others having Vidura for their first.  The four-armed eldest brother of Gada then set out from Nagapura on his excellent car.[167] Placing his sister, the lady Subhadra, on the car, the mighty-armed Janarddana then, with the permission of both Yudhishthira and (Kunti) his paternal aunt, set out, accompanied by a large train of citizens.  The hero who had the foremost of apes on his banner, as also Satyaki, and the two sons of Madravati, and Vidura of immeasurable intelligence, and Bhima himself whose tread resembled that of a prince of elephants, all followed Madhava.  Janarddana of mighty energy causing all those extenders of the Kuru kingdom and Vidura also to return, addressed Daraka, and Satyaki, saying,—­’Urge the steeds to speed.’  Then that grinder of hostile masses, viz., Janarddana of great prowess, accompanied by Satyaki, the foremost one of Sini’s race, proceeded to the city of the Anarttas, after having slain all his foes, like He of a hundred sacrifices proceeding to Heaven (after slaughtering all his foes).’


“Vaisampayana said, ’As he of Vrishni’s race was proceeding to Dwaraka, those foremost princes of Bharata’s race, those chastisers of foes embraced him and fell back with their attendants.  Phalguna repeatedly embraced the Vrishni hero, and as long as he was within the range of vision, he repeatedly turned his eyes towards him.  With great difficulty, the son of Pritha withdrew his gaze that had fallen on Govinda.  The unvanquished Krishna also (did the same).  The indications that were manifested on the occasion of that high-souled one’s departure, I shall now detail.  Do thou listen to me.  The wind blew with great speed before the car, clearing the path of sand-grains and dust and thorns.  Vasava rained pure and fragrant showers and celestial flowers before the wielder of Saranga.  As the mighty-armed hero proceeded, he came upon the desert ill supplied with water.  There he beheld that foremost of ascetics, named Utanka, of immeasurable energy.  The hero of large eyes and great energy worshipped that ascetic.  He was then worshipped by the ascetic in return.  Vasudeva then enquired after his welfare.  That foremost of Brahmanas, viz., Utanka, politely accosted by Madhava, honoured him duly and then addressed

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