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“Vasudeva said, ’I am the preceptor, O mighty-armed one, and know that the mind is my pupil.  Through my affection for thee, O Dhananjaya, I have related this mystery to thee.  If thou hast any love for me, O perpetuator of Kuru’s race, do thou then, after having heard these instructions relating to the Soul, always act duly (according to them), O thou of excellent vows.  Then when this religion has been duly practised, O mower of foes, thou wilt become freed from all thy sins and attain to absolute emancipation.  Formerly, when the hour of battle came, this very religion, O thou of mighty arms, was declared by me (to thee)!  Do thou, therefore, set thy mind on it.  And now, O chief of Bharata’s race, it is long since that I saw the lord my sire.  I wish to see him again, with thy leave, O Phalguna!’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Unto Krishna who had said so, Dhananjaya said in reply,—­We shall go to-day from this town to the city called after the elephant.  Meeting king Yudhishthira of virtuous soul there, and informing him (of thy intention) thou shalt then repair to thy own city!’”


“Vaisampayana said, ’After this, Krishna ordered Daruka, saying—­Let my car be yoked.—­Within a very short space of time Daruka informed (his master), saying,—­It has been yoked.—­The son of Pandu then commanded all his attendants, saying,—­Prepare yourselves and be ready.  We shall repair to-day to the city named after the elephant.  Thus addressed, O king, those troops accoutred themselves, and informed Pritha’s son of immeasurable energy, saying,—­Everything is equipt.  Then those two, viz., Krishna and the son of Pandu, ascended their car and proceeded on the journey, the loving friends engaged the while in delightful conversation.  Unto Vasudeva seated on the car, Dhananjaya of great energy once more said these words, O chief of Bharata’s race!—­O perpetuator of the Vrishni race, the king has obtained victory through thy grace.  All his foes have been slain, and he has recovered his kingdom without a thorn in it (to make it disagreeable).  O slayer of Madhu, through thee the Pandavas are endued with a powerful protector.  Having obtained thee for our raft we have crossed the Kuru ocean.  O thou that hast this universe for thy handiwork, salutations to thee, O Soul of the universe, O best of all beings in the universe.  I know thee in that measure in which I am approved by thee.[165] O slayer of Madhu, the soul of every creature is always born of thy energy.  Playful sport (in the from of creation, preservation, and destruction) is thine.  Earth and sky, O lord, are thy illusion.  This whole universe, consisting of mobile and immobile objects, is established on thee.  Thou createst, by modification, the four orders of Being (viz., viviparous, oviparous, filth-born, and vegetables).  Thou createst the Earth, the Welkin, and Heaven, O slayer of Madhu.  The stainless

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