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Such is the gradation of entities.  Gods, men, Gandharvas, Pisachas, Asuras, and Rakshasas, have all sprung from Nature, and not from actions, not from a cause.  The Brahmanas, who are creators of the universe, are born here again and again.  All that springs from them dissolves, when the time comes, in those very five great elements like billows in the ocean.  All the great elements are beyond those elements that compose the universe.  He that is released from those five elements goes to the highest goal.  The puissant Prajapati created all this by the mind only.  After the same manner Rishis attained to the status of deities by the aid of penance.  After the same manner, those who have achieved perfection, who were capable of the concentration of Yoga, and who subsist on fruits and roots, likewise perceive the triple world by penance.  Medicines and herbs and all the diverse sciences are acquired by means of penance alone, for all acquisition has penance for its root.  Whatever is difficult of acquisition, difficult to learn, difficult to vanquish, difficult to pass through, are all achievable by penance, for penance is irresistible.  One that drinks alcoholic liquors, one that slays a Brahmana, one that steals, one that destroys a foetus, one that violates one’s preceptor’s bed, becomes cleansed of such sin by penance well performed.  Human beings, Pitris, deities, (sacrificial) animals, beasts and birds, and all other creatures mobile and immobile, by always devoting themselves to penances, become crowned with success by penance alone.  In like manner, the deities, endued with great powers of illusion, have attained to Heaven.  Those who without idleness perform acts with expectations, being full of egoism, approach the presence of Prajapati.  Those high-souled ones, however, who are devoid of mineness and freed from egoism through the pure contemplation of Yoga, attain to the great and highest regions.  Those who best understand the self, having attained to Yoga contemplation and having their minds always cheerful, enter into the unmanifest accumulation of happiness.  Those persons who are freed from the idea of mineness as also from egoism and who are reborn after having attained to the fullness of Yoga contemplation, enter (when they depart from such life) into the highest region reserved for the great, viz., the Unmanifest.  Born from that same unmanifest (principle) and attaining to the same once more, freed from the qualities of Darkness and Passion, and adhering to only the quality of Goodness, one becomes released from every sin and creates all things.[157] Such a one should be known to be Kshetrajna in perfection.  He that knows him, knows the Veda.[158] Attaining to pure knowledge from (restraining) the mind, the ascetic should sit self-restrained.  One necessarily becomes that on which one’s mind is set.  This is an eternal mystery.  That which has the unmanifest for its beginning and gross qualities for its end, has been said to have Ne-science for its indication. 
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