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goal, O son of Pritha, is the highest which is constituted by eternal Brahman where one, casting off the body, attains to immortality and becomes always happy.  By adhering to this religion, even they who axe of sinful birth, such as women and Vaisyas and Sudras, attain to the highest goal.  What need be said then, O son of Pritha, of Brahmanas and Kshatriyas possessed of great learning, always devoted to the duties of their own orders and who are intent on (the acquisition of) the region of Brahma?  This has been laid down with the reasons (on which it rests); and also the means for its acquisition; and its complete attainment and fruit, viz., Emancipation and the ascertainment of the truth regarding pain.  O chief of Bharata’s race, there is nothing else that is fraught with happiness greater than this.  That mortal, O son of Pandu, who, endued with intelligence, and faith, and prowess, renounces as unsubstantial what is regarded as substantial by the world, succeeds within a short time in obtaining the Supreme by these means.  This is all that is to be said,—­there is nothing else that is higher than this.  Yoga takes place in his case, O son of Pritha, who devotes himself to its constant practice for a period of six months.’”


“Vasudeva said, ’In this connection is cited the ancient narrative, O son of Pritha, of the discourse that took place between a married couple.  A certain Brahmana’s spouse, beholding the Brahmana, her husband who was a complete master of every kind of knowledge and wisdom, seated in seclusion, said unto him,—­Into what region shall I go, depending on thee as my husband,—­thee that art seated, having cast off all (religious) acts, that art harsh in thy conduct towards me, and that art so undiscerning?[46] It has been heard by us that a wife attains to those regions which are acquired by her husband.  What, indeed, is the goal that I shall attain, having obtained thee for my husband?—­Thus questioned, that Brahmana of tranquil soul then said unto her, smilingly,—­O blessed dame, I am not offended with these words of thine, O sinless one.  Whatever acts exist that are adopted with the aid of others, that are seen (in consequence of their grossness), and that are true, are done as acts by men devoted to acts.[47] Those persons that are destitute of knowledge, only store delusion by acts.  Freedom from acts, again, is incapable of being attained in this world for even a moment.  From birth to the attainment of a different form, action good or bad, and accomplished by acts, mind, or speech, exists in all beings.  Those paths (of action) which are characterised by visible objects (such as Soma-juice and ghee for libations) being destroyed by Rakshasas, turning away from them I have perceived the seat (of the soul) that is in the body, without the aid of the soul.[48] There dwells Brahma transcending all pairs of opposites; there Soma with

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