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repair to the Himalayan regions, then and there vanished in the presence of the assembled multitude, and the king, the lordly son of Dharma, then seated himself there for a while.  And the Pandavas then in consequence of the death of Bhishma, were engaged in performing his funeral ceremonies.  And their time, while thus engaged, seemed too long in passing and performing the last rites to the mortal remains of Bhishma, Karna and other foremost Kauravas, they gave away large presents to Brahmanas.  And then the foremost descendant of Kuru again performed with Dhritarashtra the funeral rites (of the heroes slain in battle), and having given away immense wealth to the Brahmanas, the Pandava chief with Dhritarashtra in advance, made this entry into the city of Hastina Nagar, and consoling his lordly uncle, possessed of eyes of wisdom, that virtuous prince continued to administer the earth with his brothers.


Janamejaya said, ’O the best of regenerate beings, when the Pandavas had reconquered and pacified their kingdom, what did the two warriors, Vasudeva and Dhananjaya do?

Vaisampayana said, ’O lord of the earth, Vasudeva and Dhananjaya were highly pleased when the Pandavas had succeeded in regaining and pacifying their dominions, and they deported themselves with great satisfaction, like unto Indra and his consort in the celestial regions, and amidst picturesque woodland sceneries, and tablelands of mountains, and sacred places of pilgrimage, and lakes and rivers, they travelled with great pleasure like the two Aswins in the Nandana garden of Indra.  And, O Bharata, the high-souled Krishna and the son of Pandu (Dhananjaya) entering the beautiful hall of assembly at Indraprastha, whiled away their time in great merriment.  And there, O prince, they passed their time in recounting the stirring incidents of the war, and the sufferings of their past lives.  And those two high-souled ancient sages, glad at heart, recited the genealogy of the races of saints and gods.  Then Kesava, knowing the full import of all matters, addressed Partha in a sweet and beautiful speech of excellent style and import.  And then Janarddana comforted the son of Pritha afflicted by the death of his sons, and thousands of other relatives.  And he of great ascetic merit and knowing the science of all things having duly consoled him, Arjuna rested for a while, as if a great burden had been removed from his own person.  Then Govinda (Krishna) consoling Arjuna with sweet speech addressed these well-reasoned words to him.

Vasudeva said, ’O Arjuna, the terror of thine enemies, this whole earth has been conquered by the king, the son of Dharma, relying on the power of thy arms.  And O the best of men, the virtuous king Yudhishthira now enjoys the sovereignty of the earth without a rival, by the might of Bhimasena and the twin brothers.  O thou who knowest what virtue is, it was by righteousness alone that the king has

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