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if the man of austere religious practices, desire to destroy me by means of asceticism, I appear in the guise of asceticism in his mind, and thus he is prevented from knowing me, and the man of learning, who with the object of attaining salvation desires to destroy me, I frolic and laugh in the face of such a man intent on salvation.  I am the everlasting one without a compeer, whom no creature can kill or destroy.  For this reason thou too, O prince, divert thy desires (Kama) to Virtue, so that, by this means, thou mayst attain what is well for thee.  Do thou therefore make preparations for the due performance of the horse sacrifice with presents, and various other sacrifices of great splendour, and accompanied with presents.  Let not therefore grief overpower thee again, on beholding thy friends lying slain on the battlefield.  Thou canst not see the men slain in this battle alive again.  Therefore shouldst thou perform magnificent sacrifices with presents, so that thou mayst attain fame in this world, and reach the perfect way (hereafter).”


“Vaisampayana said, “With such speeches as these, was the royal saint Yudhishthira, bereft of his friends, consoled by those sages of great ascetic merits.  And O monarch, that lord of men exhorted by the worshipful Viswarasraba himself, and by Dwaipayana (Vyasa), Krishna Devasthana, Narada, Bhima, Nakula, Krishna (Draupadi), Sahadeva, and the sharpwitted Vijaya, as well as by other great men, and Brahmanas versed in the Sastras, became relieved of all mental affliction and sorrow arising from the death of his dear relations.  And that monarch Yudhishthira after performing the obsequial ceremonies of his departed friends, and honouring the Brahmanas and Devas (gods), brought the kingdom of the earth with its girdle of oceans, under his sway.  And that prince of Kuru’s race having regained his kingdom, with a tranquil mind, thus addressed Vyasa, Narada and the other sages who were present.  I have been comforted by the words of so great, ancient and aged saints as yourselves, and I have now no cause left for the least affliction.  And likewise, I have attained great wealth, with which I may worship the gods.  Therefore, with your assistance, I shall now perform the sacrifice, O the best of regenerate beings.  We have heard that those (Himalayan) regions are full of wonders.  Therefore, O Brahmana, saint and grandsire do thou so ordain that under thy protection we may safety reach the Himalaya mountains, the performance of my sacrifice being entirely within thy control, and then the adorable celestial saint Narada and Devasthana have also addressed exquisite and well-meaning words for our well being.  No unlucky man in times of great tribulation and distress, has ever the good fortune to secure the services of such preceptors and friends approved by all virtuous men.  Thus addressed by the king, those great saints, bidding the king and Krishna and Arjuna to

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