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Samvarta said, “O king, the feat in thy mind from this terrible thunderbolt will leave thee presently.  I shall dispel the thunder by the aid of the winds, and setting aside all fear from thy mind, do thou accept a boon from me according to thy heart’s desire, and I shall accomplish it for thee.”

Marutta said, “I desire, O Brahmana, that Indra all on a sudden should come in person at this sacrifice, and accept the oblation offered to him, and that all the other gods also come and take their own shares of the offerings and accept the libations of Soma offered to them.”

Samvarta said, “I have by the power of my incantations attracted Indra in person to this sacrifice.  Behold, O monarch, Indra coming with his horses, and worshipped by the other gods hastening to this sacrifice.”

Then the lord of the Devas attended by the other gods and riding in his chariot drawn by the most excellent steeds, approached the sacrificial altar of that son of Avikshit and drank the Soma libations of that unrivalled monarch.  And king Marutta with his priest rose to receive Indra coming with the host of gods and well-pleased in mind, he welcomed the lord of the Devas with due and foremost honours according to the Sastras.

Samvarta said, “Welcome to thee, O Indra, by thy presence here, O learned one, this sacrifice has been made grand.  O slayer or Vala and Vritra. do thou again quaff this Soma juiced produced by me today.’

Marutta said, “Do thou look with kindness upon me, I bow unto thee, O Indra, by thy presence, my sacrifice has been perfected, and my life too blessed with good results.  O Surendra, this excellent Brahmana, the younger brother of Vrihaspati is engaged in performing my sacrifices.”

Indra said.  “I know thy priest, this highly energetic ascetic, the younger brother of Vrihaspati, at whose invitation I have come to this sacrifice.  I am, O monarch, well-pleased with thee and my resentment against thee hath been destroyed.”

Samvarta said, “If, O prince of the Devas, thou art pleased with us, do thou thyself give all the directions for this sacrifice, and O Surendra, thyself ordain the sacrificial portions (for the gods), so that, O god, all the world may know that it hath been done by thee.”

Vyasa said, “Thus accosted by the son of Angira, Sakra himself gave directions to all the gods to erect the hall of assembly, and a thousand well-furnished excellent rooms looking grand as in a picture, and speedily to complete the staircase massive and durable, for the ascent of the Gandharvas and Apsaras and to furnish that portion of the sacrificial ground reserved for the dance of the Apsaras, like unto the palace of Indra in the heaven.  O king, thus directed, the renowned dwellers of heaven speedily fulfilled the directions of Sakra.  And then, O king, Indra well-pleased and adored, thus said to king Marutta,—­O prince, by associating with thee at this sacrifice,

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